Welcome from the MS & HS Principal

Welcome to Timothy Christian High School!

It is a privilege for me to serve as high school principal at a school that has had such a profound impact on my life. I walked these same halls as a student for 13 years and even learned under some of the same teachers who are here today. The firm foundation I received at TCS academically and spiritually is something I draw on every day. I am excited to be part of passing on a Timothy Christian School education to students in this next generation and in generations to come. 

What is the distinct difference about an education at Timothy Christian School? The answer is simple. Here at TCS we are Educating for Eternity. As an academic institution, our goal is to provide to our students the finest education we can. Our teachers are well-educated and have a passion for teaching. We are always looking for ways to incorporate more STEM courses and critical thinking, collaborative and practical experiences into our curriculum. We want to educate the whole person so opportunities to develop creativity within the arts and physical skills within athletics are also important to us. As teachers, we collaborate together to hone our pedagogy and pursue ongoing professional development to remain relevant and effective in educating our students. We strive to be known as a first-class academic institution. 

Our education, however, goes beyond academic knowledge or even the ability to apply 21st century skills to real-world problems. Our calling is to educate students for life that continues beyond this world. This type of education comes as teachers not only teach students within the classroom how to think in a Christ-like manner, but also as teachers become the “living curriculum” modeling before their students to the best of their ability what it means to love God and love others (Mark 12:30-31). It is through relationships developed in the classroom and out of the classroom through discipleship groups, on retreats and mission trips, through service projects, in athletics, through the teacher assistant program, in after-school clubs, etc. that teachers at TCS can challenge and encourage students in their faith and help them understand God’s eternal purpose for them in this world. For me, there is no higher calling than partnering with you in educating your children for eternity! 

Laura McKay