Timothy Christian School is committed to laying a firm foundation in a safe and loving environment. Our kindergarteners experience a rich curriculum designed to foster growth cognitively, spiritually, socially, physically, and emotionally. As each child is uniquely created by God, our children are given individual attention and encouraged to discover and learn through a Christian worldview.

Passionate about early education, our kindergarten teachers use their expertise to design activities and lessons to stimulate creativity and curiosity.  Our kindergartens enjoy using their whole body to learn through various multi-sensory materials and hands-on age-appropriate activities to develop in all areas. Students will spend their class-time both at their desks as well as out of their seats and presenting what they have learned as a class.

Whether learning math with STEM activities or reading with Orton-Gillingham, Bible, Science or Social Studies, this is an exciting age to learn through books, crafts, rhymes, songs, and play while also making new friends and learning to treat one another with kindness and respect.

Our kindergarteners graduate in June with a love for learning and well prepared to enter first grade! They are set up for great success for the remainder of their educational journey.