High School & Middle School

We can think of nothing greater than to be part of an institution that is training the next generation to make an eternal impact in this world for Jesus Christ. Providing an excellent academically rigorous high school education is part of that training. How important it is especially for Christian young people to possess a broad knowledge and develop a deep understanding in all subject areas so they will be prepared to excel at any college to which God directs them, earning the respect and listening ear of their academic community. We are constantly striving to enhance and grow our academic programs to provide the finest Christ-centered education possible for our students.
Nurturing the spiritual growth of our students goes hand in hand with the academic training students receive at Timothy Christian School. Academic knowledge alone will not produce students who are changing the world for God. This knowledge must be coupled with a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ that affects daily living. It is a privilege to work with highly qualified teachers who are committed to discipling students and modeling for them lives surrendered to the Lordship of Christ.

All subjects are taught from a biblical worldview using God’s Word as the foundation and as the lens through which all knowledge is built upon and viewed.

Leadership and service of others are vitally important in training students to live out their Christian faith in practical ways. Our students are the future leaders in government, in businesses, in classrooms, in churches, and in homes. Because training them to lead and serve like Christ is vitally important, opportunities to serve at Timothy Christian School and in the outside community are intentionally built into the high school program.

Additionally, leadership and service skills are fostered.