Timothy Learning Center

For Those Who Learn Differently
Who Does TLC Serve?

The Timothy Learning Center exists to meet the needs of Christian families who have children with specific learning differences, who, after adequate classroom instruction, are experiencing frustration in areas related to school performance. These areas include poor spelling, difficulty with handwriting, reading, math, and expressing thoughts in writing. Students applying to the TLC program must also meet the school’s standard admission requirements.

The number of years students are enrolled in the TLC program varies according to the severity of the deficit.  Students complete the TLC program when they become independent and successful in the regular classroom.

What is the TLC Program?

Based on the highly regarded National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) Program, students meet with a therapist twice a week to undergo non-tutorial, highly-structured individualized sessions. As stated on the NILD website, “NILD Educational Therapy is a direct, language-based intervention for students with learning difficulties similar to occupational and speech therapies. Our focus is to strengthen the underlying causes of learning difficulties rather than simply treating the symptoms. In 2012, NILD was one of two organizations in the US to receive the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) accreditation for meeting teacher training standards in reading.”

The techniques used are especially designed to stimulate areas of weakness in perception and cognitive development through interactive language, mediated learning and strategic thinking.

Training in Rhythmic Writing is given to parents in order to carry on a portion of therapy at home. The close working relationship of parents, therapists and teachers allows for the exchange of insights that lead to improved, integrated educational plans for each student.

Search and Teach

We are also pleased to be offering the Search & Teach program through the Timothy Learning Center. Search is the diagnostic tool used to scan an entire kindergarten class in an attempt to determine each child’s strengths and weaknesses. Teach is a series of 55 learning activities called “tasks” which have been compiled to specifically target and strengthen any weak areas revealed through Search.

Search & Teach is a program developed specifically to identify and provide early intervention for young learners who may have difficulty acquiring the basic skills necessary for success as they begin formal training in reading and language arts. The primary goal of the Search & Teach program is to prepare children for reading success, and therefore prevent the emotional consequence of school failure.

What is the Tuition?

 There is a TLC tuition in addition to annual school tuition, which may be paid on a monthly basis. TLC operates beyond the regular school budget and therefore must cover therapists’ salaries, space, and administrative expenses.

We are excited to be able to offer this additional help to Christian parents. It encapsulates what we feel the Christian school is here to do: support parents in the education of their children. Let us know if we can come alongside you for a portion of this journey.

For further information, email the Timothy Learning Center (TLC).