Visual Arts

  The TCS art student will strengthen their appreciation of the world, as well as become creative and inventive decision-makers.  Students are encouraged to take risks and look beyond the classroom and bring their world to paper, clay and other mediums. God, our creator, is creative and we are made in His image; therefore, we are creative beings.  We believe the more creative we are the more creative we become!  TCS provides students with an opportunity to honor the Lord through demonstrated artistic talents.  It is our hope that our students glorify God through their talents and abilities.

The arts offers tools for development and students will be challenged to   think creatively and explore different mediums and apply the skills in a more   concrete manner.   It is a means of learning and creating concepts that take on   visual and audible forms.  Working in Fine Arts is a dynamic, emotional,    interpretive, problem solving journey that enhances learning and comprehension. The scope of the curriculum seeks to increase the aesthetic awareness of all students, refine perceptual, intellectual and physical skills that manifest  knowledge into artistic productions.  Students become knowledgeable of the process of critiquing and have an age appropriate grasp of historical, social and cultural influences shaping the Fine Arts.

Fine Arts