“I will sing to the Lord as long as I live; I will sing praise to my God while I have being.” Psalms 104:33

All students have the opportunity to receive vocal music education as part of the well-rounded academic program at TCS. The program covers a wide variety of music literature and techniques, but more importantly, trains students to glorify and worship the Lord Jesus Christ through the gift of singing. The Bible speaks much of singing and, at TCS, we are committed to proper vocal instruction to train our students to glorify God and worship Him through their entire lives.

Elementary Choir

All elementary students at TCS have the privilege of experiencing music education in K4-5th grades. The goal for our classes is to unlock the musician inside each student and inspire them to enjoy making music throughout their entire lives. Students will be able to keep a steady beat, sing in tune, and respond appropriately to the beauty of music. Throughout the year, elementary students participate in two formal concert programs as well as other performance opportunities as available.

Middle School Choir

All students in grades 6-8 have the privilege to be enrolled in choir throughout their middle school experience at TCS. The middle school chorus builds upon the foundation of elementary music instruction and explores more complex techniques in vocal production. Concepts will include posture, breathing, phonation, diction, and expression. Students will be able to sing in unison and parts and will
experience a well-rounded repertoire of literature. Topics in music history, theory, and appreciation will also be covered. Perfor
mance opportunities will be given throughout the school year.

High School Concert Choir

High School Concert Choir is a non-auditioned ensemble open to all students 9-12. This course builds upon topics introduced in middle school chorus. Advanced concepts in vocal production will be covered, including breathing, phonation, diction, foreign languages, and expression. Students will sing a variety of literature from different style periods and genres, focusing on building a well-rounded repertoire of choral literature. Students have the opportunity to perform in various concerts and venues throughout the school year.


Fine Arts