Employee Match


Do matching gifts make a difference?
Absolutely!  It's an amazing corporate benefit that helps make a greater impact as companies match 2x or even 3x of the donation amount.

How do I know if my company matches?
You may view a list of companies which offer matching gift programs by clicking on the search button below. Please do not view this as a comprehensive list of companies that will donate to TCS. You should speak with your HR manager to check your company’s guidelines.

I made a donation to TCS a few months ago. Can I still apply for a matching gift?
Yes, it’s not too late! Many companies allow employees to submit match requests for up to one year following the date of the donation. Check with your company’s HR manager regarding specific donation periods and policies.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?
Yes. Your gift is tax-deductible. You will receive an email confirmation that will serve as your receipt for tax purposes.

What paperwork do I and/or my company need to complete in order to apply for a matching gift?
If your company has an online donation system administered through your Intranet or a matching gift portal, paperwork is automatically forwarded to TCS when you enter your donation amount. We will handle the rest of the submission request from our end. If you have any questions, contact TCS Business Manager, Shonda Gittens at sgittens@timothychristian.org

School Details for matching gifts
Legal Name: Christian School Association of North Central Jersey
Tax Id: 226017492

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