Stakeholder’s Club

Club Overview  

The goal of the TCS Stakeholders Club will be to learn essential biblical, investing, career and business principles.  The curriculum will help equip members with a foundational understanding of these principles and mindset to support their future success.  This is open to all high school students with an interest and passion for success, making wise choices with their finances, and understanding investing and types of crucial decisions around making investments.  Parents are encouraged to attend any in person or virtual meetings alongside of their children.

A core emphasis of the club will be on an investment competition being provided by the Wharton Global Youth Program from the University of Pennsylvania.  There will be a core group of 4-7 competitors taken from the club members.  This contest will run from September 28 to December 11.  You can read about this competition at 


Club and Competition Advisor

John McInerney will be the club and competition advisor.  John has been a long-time supporter of TCS and his wife Kristi is the elementary principal.  John is a financial advisor and Certified Financial Planner™.  He is a First Vice President at Morgan Stanley where his practice advises successful professionals and business owners.  John also has a background as a world champion coach for Taekwondo from which his passion to help young people learn and grow comes. John also has a Master’s degree in New Testament Theology and Apologetics from Nyack University.   We are excited to connect our students to the financial expertise and heart for the Lord that John possesses. In this way, we continue to bring the finest Christ-centered education to your children, equipping them to live productive, God-glorifying lives.


Club Objectives

  1. Biblical view of money and wealth
  2. How to have a healthy relationship with money
  3. Identify the four levels of personal development
  4. How to manage your income
  5. Time is money, Time-Blocking
  6. Starting your legacy from the door
  7. Assets and asset allocation
  8. Power of compounding interest
  9. Tax-efficient investing & gifting
  10. Basics of Estate Planning

Student Life