“The question is no longer IF the internet can transform learning in powerful ways.” – The Web-Based Education Commission

Online learning is a movement in education that opens up the walls of the classroom and delivers content rich material through a technology based platform. While not appropriate for every learner, or every curriculum, online learning certainly offers our students options that we cannot always provide in the traditional walls of our school. In order to offer more services and options for our students, Timothy Christian School has partnered with SevenStar Academy to deliver online courses for the purposes of course recovery, or course advancement.  

Benefits of Online Education

  • Remediation for struggling learners
  • Advanced and challenging work for high achieving students
  • Increased extracurricular options
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Dynamic summer school options
  • Increased AP and Dual credit options

How does online education work?

Having been born into a technology based world, students today naturally acquire knowledge through a technology based format. Students enrolling in an online class through SevenStar Academy will have access to all of the lessons and materials that they will need to master the content objectives of the course. Students log in to a secure, virtual classroom where they are guided through independent work and study by real, Christian teachers who are available through email, skype, and the phone. These certified teachers instruct, clarify, and provide accountability for students. They also assess students and provide grades and feedback. Lessons include media rich content and interactive lesson pages. Timothy Christian School faculty will also be available to help students who need more instruction than is delivered through the online format.

Costs and Registration 

For a list of costs and comparisons,Download Here 

Course Offerings

For a full list of courses, Download Here 

Dual Credit Classes

In addition to dual credit classes already offered through the classroom, Timothy Christian School is excited to offer qualified Juniors and Seniors the opportunity to get a head start on college through this partnership with Sevenstar Academy.  Students who qualify will be able to enroll in semester-long courses from regionally accredited Christian colleges and universities that are offered through our online program.

Students receive a transcript from the college/university for 3 credit-hours (1)upon successful completion of each course.

Students who accumulate college credit while in high school save money on college tuition because of the reduced cost per credit hour through the online partnership with Sevenstar Academy. In addition, the overall cost of college can potentially be reduced because the student requires less college credits (time) to complete their degree program. Studies show that college students who enter college with credits already awarded are more likely to complete their undergraduate program in the prescribed four-year timeframe.

For a list of courses offered, please download the course catalogue here

Policy Details

  1. No classes that are offered on campus at TCS may be taken through online format without approval from the High School Principal.
  2. Online math courses taken to move forward in math sequence may only be taken with advanced math qualifications.
  3. Only 2 required core classes may be substituted on the transcript by elective classes through online format.
  4. Students may register for one full year, or two semester long online enrichment course during the school year.
  5. All instruction and grading for Sevenstar Academy courses is through Sevenstar Academy. TCS credits will be awarded for courses based on grades as reported by Sevenstar Academy.
  6. All courses must be approved through the TCS guidance department.


In order to enroll in a Sevenstar online course, whether for advancement or for course recovery, please fill out the online course contract and submit to Miss Miriam Hartzler. Submission of an online contract does not guarantee approval of the course. You will be contacted with more information after showing interest in registration.

For the parent / student online learning contract, Download Here