mark-hobbsDear Blu Cru,

I did what you are doing for 2.5 years on a college basketball bench.  I led a student section exactly like yours from across the gym in a uniform.  I was the Conductor for a Symphony of Chants, Cheers, Hand Motions, and Superstition that led my basketball team to many wins, come from-behind victories, and upsets.  I once stared at the floor for an 18 minute second half comeback because it was working and we were coming from behind.  I missed my brother’s go ahead 3 pt shot in a Regional Semifinal that sent us to Nationals because I was STARING AT THE FLOOR!!! Hey, you do what you have to for a win. And I take full credit for that win as a freshman sitting on the very last seat at the end of the bench.

Here’s a couple rules/guidelines for you:

  1. Never do the same cheer 2 possessions in a row, gotta have at least 3-4 rotating cheers in your repetoire. D-Fence, Ooohhh, T-C-S, and TIIIIIIIIIIIGERSSSSSS are good ones.
  2. If you start a cheer on a possession, finish it, never stop the chant, its only disheartening to your players, whether they admit to hearing you or not.
  3. Avoid the cliché “its all over”, “you can’t do that” or “he’s a _______” cheers.  They’ve been done to death UNLESS they are original and funny.  For example, Tuesday night’s “Tie Your Shoe” was ok, but “Dou-ble Knot” would’ve been ten times better 🙂
  4. When an opponent is at the FT line, ssssshhhhhhh the crowd, but don’t stop ssssshhhhhhhhing. Its incredibly irritating to a player.  The quick shout before the shot is too little too late, the 10 second SSSSSHHHHH is the most distracting possible thing.
  5. Your team should always been met with a cheer as they re-enter the court after a timeout, between quarters, and after halftime.  Humming or singing some sort of battle cry/superhero theme song would be great too.
  6. Take pride in your job, take credit for the win when you get it.  TCS was tied 40-40 when I joined the Blu Cru Tuesday night… Coach, Kris, Danny, and the rest of them had almost nothing to do with that win.  They were the same all 4 quarters, WE were the biggest change in the 4th.
  7. When that buzzer sounds for TCS’ second playoff win, the cliché 3 syllable cheer I wanna hear that place screaming all the way from South Jersey better be “Hobbs Was Right” 🙂


Coach Mark ‘Lil bro’ Hobbs,

Athletic Director

Cumberland Christian School, Vineland New Jersey