Meet Our Students

AAron Sintha


Activities: Soccer, Track, Debate, NHS, STEM Scholars, Student Ambassadors

Future Plans: Doctor, either private practice or general physician

“I love the community aspect of the school. Everyone is very supportive of each other, and school spirit is always present amongst the students. Another thing that I love about TCS is the care the teachers have provided me with. They are willing to sit with me and talk about more than just school. We talk about life issues and how to handle them, and this really helps me as I’m going to college next year.”

Alana Holmes


Activities: Soccer, Debate, Theater, NHS, Concert/Pep Band, STEM Scholars

Future Plans: Study microbiology and biostatistics in order to help target and fight diseases

“TCS offers a variety of AP courses that ensure college readiness. However, what prepares me for college the most are the Biblical Studies and Worldview courses that I take as a senior. These classes equip me with tools to stay grounded in my faith and understand the complexity of our culture, which is key as I get ready to leave for college.”

Jacob Dyer


Activities: Soccer, Basketball, Track, Student Council, STEM Scholars, and NHS

Future Plans: Finance and Accounting

“One of the biggest things that I love about TCS is that our faith is brought into every single class that we have. Everything we learn is taught through the lens of Scripture. In every class we are able to pray and talk about God whenever we want. It’s really nice, especially before tests or quizzes, to be able to pray as a class and also in the morning when the teacher starts off with a daily devotion.”

Sarah Maronilla


Activities: Student Council, Debate, STEM Scholars

Future Plans: Psychology

“TCS is a great school because it is a place in which the staff members are supportive of you growing your faith and cultivating your interests. It is a rare kind of school because it is not just concerned about how well you do academically, but how well you are doing as a person. TCS strives to build a good Christian foundation to equip you for the rest of your life.”

Jalen Fleming


Activities: Basketball

Future Plans: Business Owner & Real Estate

“TCS prepares me for college by giving me a great education while also keeping me rooted in Christ. The real world is a very different environment than what Timothy is, and not everyone is a Christian with the same values that I have. Timothy acknowledges that, while also teaching us ways to keep our love of God and obedience to him even through trials from the world. Our guidance counselor, Mr. MacMillan, also greatly helps me as well as other students with future affairs. His door is always open, and he always tries his best to help us get our minds straight on what we want to do, where we want to go, and how to get it done.”

Haley gottshall


Activities: Soccer

Future Plans: Sports Psychology

“My favorite teacher is Miss. Adrian. She has had such an impact on my life ever since I stepped into her classroom for the first time. She shows such a motherly love and care for every one of her students. You can definitely see God in the way that Miss Adrian loves and interacts with her students. She had been there and looked out for me on some of my worst days and I’m forever grateful that I get to grow up with Miss Adrian as a mentor in my life. God is definitely using her in my life and the lives of my peers. She has made high school so much more enjoyable for me.”

At TCS you will find excellent academics, competitive athletics, fine arts, STEM, missions, and a supportive environment. Students are known, valued, and encouraged to grow academically, spiritually, socially, and personally.

Our programs, along with nurturing staff, mature students into independent thinkers who discover their God-given abilities as they prepare for success in college and the journey of life. Over 16,000 hours of educational influence impacts who your child will become and what they can achieve. At TCS we have it all!


Timothy Christian School STEM Academies offer courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that give students extraordinary knowledge and skills, as well as exploration in numerous career pathways. The program culminates with a senior internship in the field of the student’s choice. This is available to students through application only and would provide them with rigorous specialized training, which would further prepare them for college level courses.


Timothy Christian School believes whole-heartedly in supplying our students with an athletic experience that will develop their walk with the Lord.

The mission of the Timothy Christian School Athletic Department is to develop Christ-like character in our students through athletic participation and represent TCS to Central New Jersey as a first-class institution. In short, TCS’ Athletic Department strives to embody the phrase, “Character & Class”.

Dual Enrollment Classes

Dual enrollment classes offer students the opportunity to earn college credit at the same time they are earning high school credit. Timothy Christian School is partnering with Seton Hall University through Project Acceleration where students will be able to graduate from high school having up to 33 college credits already earned.

Theatre & Fine Arts

The fine arts program at Timothy Christian School allows students to discover and develop their artistic gifting. As people made in the image of God, students recognize that their talents come from God, the Master Artist, who has infused beauty, creativity and artistry into His creation. Our highly dedicated and experienced faculty give students the opportunity to develop their artistic talents to their fullest potential both in the classroom and on the stage for the glory of God.

Debate & Robotics

Our TCS Debate program features an interscholastic debate team which travels to competitions in New Jersey and the Northeast throughout the school year. Students compete in both the Public Forum and Lincoln-Douglas styles of debate.  TCS Debate participates in the National Speech and Debate Association, The New Jersey Speech and Debate League, and the Newark Catholic Forensic League.

Following a sports model, the Timothy Christian FIRST® Tech Challenge team  designs, builds, programs, and operates a robot of its own design to play a floor game (revealed each September) in an alliance format. Guided by adult coaches and mentors, students develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles, while realizing the value of hard work, innovation, and sharing ideas.


Our staff of dedicated Christian teachers strives to model Christ in the classroom and out. Our goal is to enable and empower our students to live for Christ as they study at TCS and as they move on in life. While participating in projects like Operation Christmas Child, Blankets for Hope, visits to the local daycare center or nursing home, or missions trip to the Dominican Republic. Whether going off to college or stepping into the workforce, we want our students to be ready to meet all challenges intelligently and with Christ-like character.

Think Critically. Live Biblically. Lead Courageously.