Our elementary school has held two exciting writing themed events this month! 

Our annual First Grade Authors Day, held on Friday, April 12, was well attended by family members who were eager to hear and see their students read the book they authored and illustrated. There were a variety of stories with themes of friendship, family, superheroes, the Bible, animals, and more! Each first grader wrote a dedication page to someone special in their life. They dedicated their books to family, classmates, teachers, even one student dedicated her book to Mrs. McInerney! Another page in their book was for what they want to be when they grow up. Many students aspire to be teachers, doctors, scientists, and of course a few boys want to be Spiderman. 

First grader Zion Peters wrote his book on Daniel in the Lion’s Den. He was proud of his story that he wrote and said that his favorite part of Author’s Day was “when people were clapping at the end.” 

The title of Lily Vilus’ story was The Island Book, and she wrote it about her family moving to an island. She said, “My favorite part about Author’s Day was getting to read some books with my friends!” 

This year the fourth graders again put on a poetry slam for their peers and parents on Thursday, April 18th! April is National Poetry Month, so the students have been learning about different forms of poetry in class. The fourth graders performed poems such as haikus, cinquains, biography poems, acrostics, repeat poems, holiday poems, and 5 W’s poems.  

The audience was filled with eager fourth grade parents, family members and friends. Each student had their turn to recite their poem. When they were finished the audience snapped instead of clapped for them! The students wore special “Oh Snap” t-shirts in honor of the day. 

Fourth grader Josiah Charles enjoyed his time at the Poetry Slam. Josiah wrote a holiday poem and when asked what his favorite part was, he said, “Seeing my parents and having a good time because we only get to do this once!”  

Our students are always improving their writing skills, and we would not be surprised if there was a future published author in our halls!