We had fourteen parents* come for our High School Parent Career Day this year. The students enjoyed hearing the parents’ presentations on their careers. We had a wide variety of jobs represented in medicine, education, science, finance, aviation, and more!

Senior Lynsey Trejo shared that this year’s Career Day was exactly what she needed.

“I was praying that God would show me what I am supposed to do next. On Parent Career Day when I sat in Mr. Bosse’s session it was an answer to that prayer. He is exactly the kind of nurse that I am considering being. I was able to ask him questions about what he does during the day and get clarity on going into the nursing profession.”

Alyssa Marino, a sophomore, said, “Career Day was awesome! My favorite part by far was Mr. Leary, Taylor’s dad who is an orthopedic surgeon. I want to be him when I grow up. I learned that there is a lot of schooling to get to where you want to be especially if you want to go into the medical field which is what I want to do!”

At the start of Career Day, the parents introduced themselves and shared some words of wisdom with the students. Here is some of the advice that they shared:

Mrs. Smith said, “Never be afraid to ask questions, enjoy the journey, and ask God to order your steps.”

A few parents shared the importance of networking, Jacqueline Maginnis said, “Identify 1-2 people who could put you in touch with someone you could shadow.”

Mr. Griguoli shared Proverbs 3:5-6 and told the students to “always seek counsel.”

Mr. Hannala said, “Walk with God and He’ll walk with you,” and “Be instruments of righteousness.”

Mrs. Wallace said, “Nothing is impossible with God. Follow your passion and gifts.”

Our STEM Scholars program also hosted a panel of nurses this month! We had several parents, Patricia Cineas, Christina Davis, Anezi Okwesa, and Danie Theodore, Seth Jensen, an alum from the class of 2008, and our own school nurse Rosa Crudup. The nurses came to talk to the students about what it is like to be in a nursing career. Each nurse shared their experience and perspective as they answered questions fielded by Miss McKay and the students! Seth even brought visuals for the students to see some of the tools he uses as an anesthetist.

Thank you, parents, for taking time out of your schedules to come to share with our students!


*Mrs. Rhonda M. Smith PhD (Associate Dean, Family and Staff Affairs), Mr. John D. Gulyas, (Attorney) Mrs. Jacqueline Maginnis (Career Management Specialist), Mr. Scott Griguoli (Civil Engineering/Construction/VP of Estimating), Mr. Hanny Hanalla (Senior Manager, Clinical Data Management, Research and Development), Mr. Jhony Harianti (Financial Technologist, VP of Goldman Sachs Investment Research Mission Control), Mr. John Bosse (Full Time On-Call Hospice RN), Dr. Jeffrey Leary (Orthopedic Surgeon), Mr. Ronald Woodruffe (Pilot/Captain for JetBlue Airways), Mr. Joy Christian, (Project Manager at FirstEnergy), Mrs. Kathleen McLaughlin (Senior Scientist at Merk Research Labs), Mr. Phillip Richards (Sheriff’s Officer), Mrs. Adrienne Wallace, (Speech Pathologist/Entrepreneur), Mrs. Susan Saleh (Veterinary Technologist)