TCS has always embraced students from diverse ethnicities and nationalities. On February 9th this year, we celebrated the diversity that God has blessed us with and the richness of our varied cultures during our first student led International Day!  

Throughout the day, students in middle school and high school came dressed in traditional attire or other clothing reflective of their cultural heritage. Witnessing friends walking together to classes, each wearing unique attire yet sharing the same joy and companionship, was truly heartwarming. In one math class, students and their teacher even held a mini fashion show, stepping to the front of the classroom to share insights about their attire. It was a day brimming with joy and appreciation for the beauty found in our differences and our unity in Christ. 

During the evening event, many families from elementary through high school gathered, bringing an array of cultural dishes that were displayed around the chapel. The assortment of new foods offered a delightful culinary experience for many attendees. Plates were filled with delicacies from various cuisines, as friends and family gathered around tables to savor their meals together and exchange stories about the new dishes they had tried. While this was happening, there were several cultural performances, including dance and song, which added to the evening’s excitement.  

One of our high school history teachers, Mrs. Dagnall, said, “International Day was a much-needed event at our school! We have so much culture among our staff and student body – and the day did not disappoint. I loved seeing students don their cultural attire and flags. The evening event was extra special in that our very own TCS family members performed and displayed their culture proudly. It’s amazing how God knits all of us so differently, yet still in His image.”   

 This collective experience heightened our appreciation for the diverse cultures that Timothy has been blessed with while strengthening the bond we share as a community of believers. As Dean Rodriguez stated at the beginning of the evening, the gathering—where individuals from myriad ethnic backgrounds united in praise—was indeed a glimpse of heaven. 

Sarah Maronilla, 11th grader, student council member, and author of this article, proposed the idea for a schoolwide International Day. Sarah and the other members of the student council were instrumental in planning this event. Our TCS staff and parents are proud of their hard work and dedication to making this day possible and look forward the next International Day!