We are excited to announce a Gifted & Talented class for our upper elementary students.  

Students in third through fifth grade were selected this fall for the class based on their Terra Nova test scores, grades, and teacher recommendation. The students are challenged with critical thinking skills and higher-level thinking as they work on math problems and play games such as “Stories with Holes” that help them be better problem solvers.  

This program was piloted last year by selected students in the fourth-grade class. While being stretched and challenged, these students looked forward to it each week and we are excited to be able to expand the program this year for third through fifth grades.  

Mrs. McInerney is thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity in all the upper elementary grades to those who excel in math. “As always, we are seeking to find ways to promote the love of learning at our school. This past year one of my goals has been to add an elementary program that would challenge and stretch our top students who are excelling. God has allowed me to find the perfect person to help bring this dream to reality,” said Mrs. McInerney.  

The class meets once a week with Mrs. Loretta Kumpf. Mrs. Kumpf is retired from 35 years of teaching in New Jersey and has 26 years of experience in Gifted Education. She received the Governor’s Teacher Recognition Award, the NJAGC Hall of Fame Award, and was named NJAGC Educator of the Year. Mrs. Kumpf holds a graduate certificate in Gifted Education from Rutgers University. She has served on the NJAGC Executive Board for 26 years in many capacities, including both officer and trustee positions. Currently, as CO-Vice President of Publications, she edits the organization publication and curates articles of interest to the gifted education community. She is also a member of several committees, including Governance and Conference. Holding diverse positions over the years has given her enormous experience reaching out and contacting G&T teachers and parents from all over New Jersey.  Mrs. Kumpf is passionate about supporting G&T teachers and parents of gifted children and as an NJAGC Vice President of Publications, she will continue to work to find new ways to support gifted education in New Jersey and to bring quality information to the gifted community. We are grateful to have her sharing her expertise with our students at TCS!  

We spoke with Mrs. Kumpf about the program. “Every class is very unique; I’m enjoying them so much. Gifted & Talented math class is not as much doing computation and math problems, as it is teaching them to be better problem solvers and applying that to math. I’m also trying to teach them to use precise mathematical language and I want them to learn how important accuracy is. I’m using activities to teach them to streamline their thinking and ask specific questions to get the most accurate information”, she said. 

The first session began the week of December 11th and will run through June. Students come to school with extra excitement on the days they have G&T. Mrs. Kumpf is gentle and encouraging while she challenges her students. One of our third graders is already asking, “Do we get to do this again next year?” It is evident that the students love what they are learning and love Mrs. Kumpf! The feeling is mutual. Mrs. Kumpf shared, “It’s a joy to be in a Christian school environment, the kids are terrific, and it’s a delight to be here!”