Steve DiSebastian and Dr. Smock holding Steve's new book.

God has given Steve DiSebastian many gifts, and it is clear to see how he uses those gifts to glorify God. Mr. DiSebastian currently teaches the high school Senior Bible class and has been teaching at Timothy for seven years. He graduated from Rowan University with a BA in English and Secondary Education. He taught high school English for 16 years in Paterson Public Schools. In 2019, he graduated with his Master of Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Currently, along with teaching at TCS, he is a chapter director at Ratio Christi, a college ministry at Rutgers, and pastors a “microchurch.”

His most recent accomplishment has been writing a book called Reintroducing Jesus: Uncovering Jesus in the Misinformation Age. The book has been almost five years in the making as he has been writing it since he graduated from seminary. Reintroducing Jesus: Uncovering Jesus in the Misinformation Age is an apologetics and theology book, for people who don’t read apologetics or theology books. It is about finding the true Jesus in a world full of noise.

Dr. Smock endorsed his book and said, “Steve masterfully weaves historic details about Christ’s life into this book that makes it an excellent, enjoyable read for the searching teenager, the challenging skeptic, and the well-read theologian.”

If you would like to purchase a book, they are available on Amazon and will be sold for $15 in the main office!

Mr. DiSebastian shared with us his reasons for teaching and why he loves being at Timothy.

What inspired you to take up teaching?

A love for the Bible, theology and apologetics, and a love of helping people grow more confident in their faith is what inspired me to take up teaching.

Why did you choose to teach at TCS?

It was a great opportunity to build up students in their faith before they went off to college, work, or other opportunities outside of TCS.

What do you love most about TCS?

After being in public schools all of my life, I just love being able to speak openly about my faith, pray with students, and be in a school dedicated to Christ. I also love the small school environment.

What is one word that best describes the school?


In what ways are you preparing students for life beyond TCS?

I spend a lot of time teaching apologetics, how to defend our faith by understanding reasons for believing what we believe, using everything from history to science to theology to logic, and of course, the Bible. As I tell the students, they WILL have their faith challenged (if they haven’t already) when they move on from TCS, so I want them to be prepared so their faith isn’t shaken in college or wherever they move on to after high school.

What would you tell families to encourage them to send their children to TCS?

So little surrounding us in our culture is reinforcing the message of Christ, so it’s great to know there is a school like TCS grounded in a biblical worldview.


To learn more about Mr. DiSebastian and his new book you can visit his website at

Reintroducing Jesus: Uncovering Jesus in the Misinformation Age