Ms. Walker’s middle school Photo Journalism class meets twice a week to hone their photography and writing skills. The students then use those skills to publish a newsletter called “In the Middle.” The newsletter for the first quarter will come out in the new year! Here they share in their own words about their experience participating in this year’s Operation Christmas Child:

Matthew Pinedo

Operation Christmas Child is an event that the school and many other schools/churches do every year to give to kids who cannot get a present for Christmas. Manny and I were partners for this, and we had a lot of fun. We got a small box and put things that people brought in to give to these kids. You get to choose if you want the box to be given to a boy or a girl and you also get to choose what age group you want to give it to. Manny and I chose to give it to a boy in the age group of 10-13. It was exciting because I chose things that I would have wanted if I was their age and I had not that much. Overall, it was fun, and it felt good to give.

Leya King 

Operation Christmas Child is a great chance to show generosity to the children who do not get to celebrate Christmas like we do. As Christians, we try to display Jesus in us. Jesus is graceful and big-hearted and wants people who live comfortable lives to help children who do not. We already have so much, and it would be a shame to not share. We started our work for the organization last week, where all middle school grades met in the lunchroom to pack presents. We rotated around to different tables and packed up presents for all genders and all ages. We then had a chance to send a little letter to the child, telling them about ourselves. It is a very considerate organization and I hope all the children enjoy their gifts.  

Jeremiah Coral

Operation Christmas Child is about filling boxes of necessities to send to children all around the world who are in need. The middle school students were assigned the task of filling boxes with goods like school supplies, toys, socks, and hygiene items for these children who are in need. It was good to see many students filling boxes and writing letters for the kids. There were many tables full of different goods and by the end of it, there was nothing left. It was good to know many kids in need are going to get these boxes and enjoy their Christmas.

Karissa Velastegui

Operation Christmas Child is an organization that ships shoeboxes around the world for others to fill. The shoeboxes then get shipped to different people all around the world on Christmas who do not get presents. Operation Christmas Child not only helps people get gifts, but they teach those people about God! At Timothy we brought in different toys and supplies and used them to fill shoeboxes. While we were doing this, I felt good because I knew that these boxes were going to get to people who needed to be shown that people cared about them. I love giving things to people, and even better, giving things to people if it helps them learn more about God! 

We’re glad that our students have opportunities like Operation Christmas Child to serve children around the world. Thank you to all who sent in monetary donations, toys, hygiene products, and other items! We pray that all the children receiving these items are blessed.