Billy Graham, Amy Carmichael, Kirk Franklin, C.S. Lewis, what do these people all have in common? They are heroes, heroes of the Christian faith who should be studied, honored, and celebrated! During chapel on November 8th, twenty elementary students celebrated these Christian heroes and more. They learned about their person and created a speech to share about their life. They could even dress up as their Christian Hero!

The students practiced diligently at home and with Mrs. McInerney and Mrs. Dickerson to be ready for the day! Everyone did a great job of speaking clearly and presenting their facts well. One of the 5th grade students, Meira Sintha, presented on Betty Greene. This is Meira’s third year participating in Christian Hero Day. In past years she has been Amy Carmichael and Corrie Ten Boom. She enjoys learning about each person she has chosen. Meira shared, “I like how [Betty Greene] seeks God at the start of every day”. Our students are learning valuable lessons about what it means to be a man or woman of great faith and lead courageously in the world today!