Who says chivalry is dead? Not Timothy Christian School! On Saturday, October 14, mothers and sons gathered together in the chapel for an event called Knights in the Kingdom. Fifty moms and their sons participated in the day!

Mrs. McInerney and Mrs. Janho based the day on the theme of Knights. In medieval times starting at six years old boys would train to become knights. First, they were a page, then a squire, then when they turned twenty-one years old, they would be knighted. There was a code that the knights lived by. The knight’s code of chivalry was a moral system that described how a knight was expected to conduct himself. Mrs. McInernery and Mrs. Jahno connected this concept by explaining to the boys that they are knights in God’s kingdom training for spiritual battles.

“This year I wanted to be very intentional about creating a mother/son event where we could pour into our moms and also encourage our sons to be godly and courageous and have a bit of fun”, Mrs. McInerney said, “Knights in the kingdom was a collaborative effort. I’m so thankful for Mrs. Janho sharing my vision and being willing to speak at this event!”

Mrs. Janho presented nine different character traits that the boys should strive to live by: Chivalry, Honor, Honesty, Valor, Love, Courtesy, Loyalty, Courage, and Gentleness. She talked through each character trait and gave examples of how the boys could apply this in their lives. Throughout the day the moms and sons participated in crafts and activities geared toward learning how to be a godly man. They did wordsearches and painted knights’ crests and played an interactive game where they got into groups to practice emulating each trait.

Mrs. Janho even created a song to help the boys remember all of the traits of a Godly Knight:

“We are Knights in the Kingdom! Knights to light the way! And we’ll shine for Jesus as we live out each new day! Honor, Honesty, Valor, and Love; Courtesy, Loyalty, Courage from above! We’re chivalrous, but as gentle as doves! For we are Knights (Knights!) Knights (Knights!) Knights to light the way!”

Knights always need their armor, so Mrs. McInerney shared about how the boys need the armor of God to equip them for spiritual battle and the 5th grade boys came up to recite the verses about the armor of God from Ephesians 6.

Mrs. McInerney and Mrs. Janho pulled many concepts for the day from the book Knights in Training: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate Boys by Heather Haupt. Heather is a Christian author, and educator. They both highly recommended the moms read this awesome book and learn more ways to help their sons to grow in the admonition of the Lord.

We are thankful for all of the moms and sons who participated in the day and for the godly Knights in the Kingdom that our elementary boys are training to be!