We are excited that Mr. Erwin Rodriguez has joined the TCS staff to be our new Dean of Students for the middle and high school. Working with Miss McKay as part of the MS/HS team, Mr. Rodriguez will oversee student activities/ministries and student discipline. While his formal degree is in business administration from Montclair State and his MBA from Jersey City University, his love for students and the experiences he has had as a youth leader and pastor make him a good fit to help enhance the spiritual culture at Timothy Christian School.

Mr. Rodriguez is excited to be joining the TCS staff, as well as joining the TCS parent community! He and his lovely wife Melissa have two children enrolled in our elementary school. Their daughter Evangeline will be in second grade and their son, Sebastian in the fourth grade. We are delighted to have the Rodriquez family be a part of the TCS family!

In preparation for this new school year, Mr. Rodriguez, along with Miss McKay, Mrs. McInerney and Dr. Smock, had the opportunity this month to attend a three day training about Culture Building and People Management sponsored by the Herzog Foundation.  

Hear some of what Mr. Rodriguez shared with us about his new role at TCS:

What roles did you have before coming to TCS and how have they prepared you for what you will be doing here?

Before being called to ministry, I worked in the music industry for many years until the Lord called me to plant and lead a church with the recovery community. I later had the opportunity to work in Christian Higher Ed as a marketing director for Pillar College and later work with middle school and high school students as a youth pastor.

As a lead pastor, my responsibilities encompassed mentoring and guiding people through various life challenges. These pastoral experiences instilled a deep empathy and understanding of young minds. I will bring this empathy to my role as Dean of Students, where I can connect with students on a personal level, providing them with the support they need to flourish academically, socially, and spiritually.

My time as a youth pastor allowed me to connect with the younger generation, inspiring spiritual growth and character development. Guiding students in their faith journeys taught me the importance of patient guidance, effective communication, and conflict resolution. These skills will prove invaluable in resolving disciplinary issues with grace and compassion, always aligning actions with the values that underpin the school’s foundation.

Who inspired you to disciple students?

As I reflect on my journey of faith, I am reminded of the profound impact my early spiritual leaders had on shaping my values and nurturing my relationship with God. Their selfless dedication to helping young people discover their purpose and identity in Christ left an indelible mark on my soul. Their genuine heart for the next generation ignited a fire within me, inspiring me to step into the role of discipling students today.

Why do you want to serve as Dean of Students at TCS?

I want to serve as Dean of Students at TCS for the reward of impacting young lives and helping shape the world changers of tomorrow. Through mentoring, guiding, and supporting them, the Dean can play a crucial role in shaping their character, values, and academic growth.

What are your plans to enhance the culture at TCS?

To enhance the culture at TCS, students should embody the ROAR values – Responsibility, Openness, Accountability, and Respect – in their daily actions, interactions, and relationships. These values are not only crucial for their academic success but also for nurturing their faith and character. I will be working with students to embrace these ROAR values.

How will you integrate faith as you mentor students at TCS?

As a mentor at TCS, integrating faith into the mentoring process is paramount to fostering spiritual growth and character development in students. I will effectively integrate faith while mentoring students by guiding students with Biblical principles, praying with students, modeling Christ-like behavior, encouraging student reflection, providing service and outreach opportunities and by creating a safe space for students to express questions and doubts.

How will you prepare students for life beyond TCS?

As the Dean of Students at TCS, my goal is to prepare students for life beyond the school’s walls. Here are some ways I will help equip students for life beyond TCS:

Character Development: In addition to academics, character development is essential for life beyond the school. Emphasizing Christian values such as honesty, integrity, and compassion will help students develop a strong moral compass that guides their decisions and actions throughout life.

Leadership Opportunities: I will encourage students to take on leadership roles within the school, such as serving on student councils, leading clubs, or organizing events. These experiences will help them build leadership skills, teamwork, and effective communication—valuable assets for their future endeavors.

Real-World Experiences: Organizing, service projects, and community involvement activities will expose students to real-world challenges and diverse perspectives. These experiences will help them develop empathy, cultural awareness, and a sense of responsibility to their community.

Resilience and Problem-Solving Skills: Life beyond TCS will present various challenges. I will encourage students to develop resilience, adaptability, and problem-solving skills. By learning to overcome obstacles and face adversity with faith and determination, they will be better prepared to navigate life’s uncertainties.

Lifelong Learning and Faith: I will instill a love for learning and a commitment to growing in their faith beyond graduation.