Christopher Chipps graduated from TCS in 2003. While at Timothy he was involved in soccer, basketball, and NHS and especially enjoyed his home economics class taught by Mrs. Fry. He has been married to his wife Laura for 18 years and they have two children together Lilia (15) and Nicholas (11).

He is currently working in cybersecurity/computer and network support for the United States Navy. This year Chris was one of our speakers during our STEM scholars lunch series where he spoke to the students about his job in the STEM field. He was also instrumental in organizing the 20 year reunion of the class of 2003, which was held in Somerville, NJ this July.

Chris shared with us his experience and why it was important for him to receive his education at TCS.

What do you love most about TCS?

I loved the learning environment TCS displayed in the classes I took, the sports I played and the clubs/activities I was involved in. It is a school that seeks to provide the best for the students that go here regardless of their interests or learning style.

What is one word that best describes the school? Why?

Encouraging. The people I met here whether it was peers or teachers encouraged me and that meant a lot because high school is not easy but having people you can lean on and talk to helped me endure by God’s grace.

Describe one of your favorite memories of TCS.

I enjoyed playing St. Benedict’s Prep in varsity soccer. They were one of the top varsity soccer programs in the nation at the time and it was a great experience.

From your own experience, why do you believe it was important for you to attend TCS?

I am glad I had the opportunity to attend TCS and I believe it was important for me to attend this school as it helped me see the importance of education but much more, how God needs to be central in my daily life. The world is full of distractions especially for 17 and 18 year olds and TCS was a great godly compass to me while I was that age.

How are faith and learning integrated at TCS?

Worldview Studies taught by Mr. Bevier was my favorite class I took here at TCS. It encouraged me to attend the Summit Ministries conference in Tennessee in the summer which taught me that our worldview as Christians affects every part of our lives and we need to live boldly in a culture that is increasingly antithetical to Jesus and God’s Word.

In what ways did TCS prepare you for college and beyond?

Writing and public speaking were not strengths of mine but in my two years here, I had teachers that came along side me and helped me work through them and get better at them. Having weaknesses is not a bad thing as God uses them for our good and His glory.

What would you tell a friend to encourage them to send their child to TCS?

Getting a quality, Christ-centered education is important and TCS provides that. Public education is becoming more and more against parental involvement in education and TCS is a great option against this paradigm.

What do you like best about your career? 

I love working with and learning about Information Technology as well as helping users solve issues from start to finish. I am so thankful for God’s provision as He provided so much for me and my family throughout my career and I feel very humbled to be in the job I am in now as it took over 8 years to get here.

What has been the most challenging part of your career?

The most challenging part has been not focusing on the future but trusting God in the here and now. The field of information technology is an ever changing one and it’s important to my career that I stay up to speed which can be challenging at times.