Alejandra Cevallos joined the TCS elementary faculty this year teaching second grade. Alejandra taught pre-school for seven years in a Christian school. Energetic and passionate about the Lord and teaching young children, we are blessed to have her here at Timothy now. Her enthusiasm for learning and teaching and love for her students is seen and felt by staff, parents, and children!

Before becoming a teacher, Alejandra had a career in Banking and Finance, managing, maintaining, and controlling public and government accounts. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance from the Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja in Ecuador and her Child Development Associate from the Council for Professional Recognition. She has continued her education and recently received her ACSI certification in elementary education.

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What/Who inspired you to take up teaching?

As a student I always respected all my teachers, and I admired how hard they worked every day to make sure that all of us reached our full potential, and that we could become people who make a difference in this world. I have a passion for math, and God inspired me to become a teacher for young children and to work for His Kingdom, and the fact that I can teach them about Jesus is priceless!

Why did you choose to teach at TCS?

I chose to teach at Timothy Christian School because of my faith and love for Jesus. The fact that I can freely speak about my Lord Jesus and be part of His plan to preach the Gospel to children and be an instrument to help raising a new generation that loves the Lord is priceless! I am so happy to be teaching here and have my own daughter here as a student in the sixth grade.

How are you integrating faith and learning as you teach at TCS?

When I am teaching each subject, God always opens a door where I can integrate the Gospel and introduce scriptures and testimonies that are related with the topics that I am teaching.

In what ways do you want to prepare students for life beyond TCS?

I want to help my students to reach their full potential not only be prepared for their daily lives, but also for eternity. I want to pour God’s love into their lives, to help them be able to love Jesus and work for the Kingdom of God.

Anything you would like to share about your experience at TCS thus far?

My experience at TCS has been amazing, my coworkers are very kind, and you can feel God’s presence and His love in the school!