On Friday, February 24th, we hosted our biennial high school Alumni Career Day where our students learned about a variety of careers while being encouraged and inspired by those who once sat at their desks at TCS. We welcomed ten alumni in person and two through Zoom to speak this year. There was a wide range of ages and experience present with alumni from the Class of 1995 to the Class of 2014. Different professions in business, medicine, technology, social work, cosmetology, law, education, hospitality, and communications were represented. Alumni shared various aspects about their career including the path they took, education required, a typical day, skills and talents needed for that field, salary range, and how they live out their faith in their career.

The alumni felt nostalgic as they walked through the hallways where they once walked as a student. They visited with teachers whose classes they sat in and told stories of great memories from their TCS days. While the alumni enjoyed seeing each other, the campus, and previous teachers, the students thoroughly enjoyed hearing from the speakers.

Gabrielle Williams, a junior here at TCS said, “My favorite part of career day was hearing from Heidi Arnesen, who talked about how to express yourself, stand up for yourself, and give a voice to the voiceless. She explained how that is what it means to be a lawyer. I also liked hearing from the NICU Nurse, Mary Heffner, and how she lives out her faith and chooses life every day in her job. That was such an amazing thing to hear.

Senior Immanuel Guardado said, “One of my favorite things about this career day was when Mrs. Nicole Clash spoke about social workers. Before, I had a general concept of what they would be, but she gave me a grounded definition and now I know that they work in many different fields such as psychiatry, children’s health, and even teaching!

For Miss McKay, principal and alumna herself, this day is very special. She shared with our alumni presenters that day: “Alumni Career Day is one of my favorite days because as I look at all of you, I see God’s faithfulness. I see Him at work in each of your lives as you use the gifts and talents God has given you in the workforce and serving others. It is exciting to know that the foundation you received at TCS has been a part of that. It gives me hope and encouragement when things are tough that if we don’t become weary in well doing that we will reap a reward. (Galatians 6:9) Seeing alumni successful in the work world, living out their faith is the reward.”

The elementary school hosted three parents for Career Day. Elementary students heard from a Detective, Dental Hygienist Christina Griguoli, and Chef Jamie Hunt. The parents spoke in both the upper and lower elementary chapel. They each shared about their career journeys and their day-to-day activities. We are grateful to these parents for taking their time to come in and share with our elementary students how they can begin thinking about their God-given calling.

We would also like to sincerely thank all of the alumni who presented during this year’s Alumni Career Day: Kevin Anselmo, Class of 1995, Nancy Lefavour, Class of 1998, Heidi Arnesen, Class of 2002, Meg Brooks Freeman, Class of 2002, Jake Vachal, Class of 2002, Amy Merrill, Class of 2007, Jonathan Figueroa, Class of 2009, Suleman Amoon, Class of 2012, Matthew Lau, Class of 2013, Mary Heffner, Class of 2014, Nicole Clash, Class of 2014, and Samantha McGinty, Class of 2014.

If you are a TCS alum, we would love to hear the story of your journey during and after TCS! You can visit the Alumni page on our website to contact us and share your story! https://timothychristian.org/alumni-information-form/