We are excited to celebrate Black History month with many activities going on throughout the grade levels!

In our elementary school we had our annual Black History Month chapel. Selected third through fifth grade students presented a Reader’s Theater in both the lower and upper elementary chapels called “Black History Heroes: Then and Now!”. The students acted out different roles as they portrayed the lives of famous Black Americans such as Oprah Winfrey, Phillis Wheatley, Douglas Wilder, Ben Carson, and more!

TCS media specialist, Mrs. Hubler, incorporates Black History Month into her elementary library classes each year as well. “My 4th grade computer classes are doing a beginning research project on the biography of a person of their choice from a list found on the National Geographic Kids site: African American Heroes. In the lower elementary classes, we learned about Harriet Tubman. It has been several years since I had read about Harriet, so I read several different age-appropriate versions of her biography with the classes and even watched a video version with one class. One of her quotes that really stuck with me is, “I said to the Lord, ‘I’m going to hold steady on to you, and I know you will see me through.’”

Pastor Tinsley came and spoke in elementary, MS, and HS chapels from Acts 10 about the story of Peter and how God spoke to him that He loves and includes everyone. At the elementary level, students got to act this out. With the middle school and high school students, Pastor Tinsley asked the students to think of ways that TCS could encourage fairness, friendship, and well-being for all staff and students regardless of differences. This got the students thinking as they broke into groups, and each shared their thoughts on how to make TCS a better place for all.

The 7th grade English class read Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor, a story about a young Black girl and her family and their journey to maintain their land and freedom in Mississippi during the time of the Depression. Mr. VanNess paired this reading with having the students watch the Disney film Ruby Bridges, which showed the story of another young Black girl who faced trials and hardship as she was the first to desegregate Louisiana’s William Frantz Elementary School.

The 8th grade math students researched and did group presentations on famous Black mathematicians. Mrs. Leahy enjoyed seeing her students’ presentations and noted that “They were so interesting!”

In 10th grade World Cultures & Geography, Mrs. Dagnall had her students present one slide presentations on different countries in Africa. They each chose a country and explained to their classmates the different customs, languages, food, and landmarks specific to their country. They were able to celebrate the beauty of Africa by learning more about each country.

Mrs. Nelson intentionally incorporates content from Black authors and those of other nationalities throughout the year but specifically this month her 10th grade class connected rhetorical speeches in Julius Caesar to famous 20th century speeches of Black Americans and in 12th grade, they did an activity where they used QR codes from a display and read narratives written by Black British citizens who worked to abolish slavery.

TCS recognizes the great diversity of its staff and students. We’re so grateful to honor and highlight the achievements of Black men and women in America and around the world.