Why did you choose TCS for your child?

God placed TCS in our hearts since we moved to NJ a few years ago. However, we were getting ourselves financially established in our new home. After fervent prayer God granted us the opportunity in 2022 for our 3 children to attend TCS! (Ages 4, 8, & 10)

TCS has become an extension of our family. We wanted our children to have a community and further understand the love of God. Specifically, we wanted to see students and teachers that share their faith belief and not be ostracized for it, all the while receiving a well-rounded and formal education.

What do you love most about TCS?

We love that TCS has a sense of community and are very welcoming. In addition, the teachers, support staff, and parents care for the students and each other’s wellbeing. Each child has an identity, and they are not just a number. From prayer groups that fervently pray for all covering any ongoing concerns including campus safety to numerous activities that engage the student body and families alike, TCS is a HOT commodity!

What is one word that best describes the school? Why?

Integrous! TCS encompasses respect, loyalty, good judgment, honesty, and dependability. All the above defines integrity! Which in turn is a characteristic of a person of faith.

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of their experience at TCS?

Our children have gained curricular knowledge and have expressed how they feel acknowledged and engaged by their teachers. They are eager to learn with no exaggeration! They have grown spiritually as they come home teaching us scriptures and the interpretations of them.

How is TCS preparing your child for college and beyond?

TCS has excellent curriculum standards, and they help the students achieve these by offering support and workshops. This includes workshops for middle school and high school parents for college prep. TCS starts early preparing the student body towards this goal!

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at TCS?

When our children come home and share their excitement for school, their love for God, their ability to pray with their teachers, and confirm their residence at TCS for years to come, we can only thank God and be grateful! It is worth it all!