Fabian Buenano is a recent addition to our high school math department at TCS. He teaches a total of 5 classes which include Algebra 2, Advanced Algebra 2, two sections of Geometry, and AP Stats. Not only is Mr. Buenano a teacher, but he is also in his third year as a 3-season coach here, coaching Varsity Boys Soccer, Junior Varsity Boys Basketball, and Track & Field.

He started his university career majoring in engineering and mathematics but led by his passion for coaching switched to Sports Management. He graduated from Rutgers University with his Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management and a Psychology minor. In the education field, he has worked as a teacher’s aide and after-school counselor at Plainfield’s Crest Haven Academy and was a substitute teacher here at TCS. Let’s hear more from him on his story!

What/Who inspired you to take up teaching?

I always knew I wanted to teach; that was always a goal of mine. I had a passion for sports and a passion for math, so I wanted to be a coach and work at a school. I was inspired to teach by my high school math teachers in my junior and senior year. My precalc and calculus teachers were great people who really enjoyed teaching. They motivated their students, and they motivated me to continue my education in math. I always think of them as role models when I think of being a teacher. 

Why did you choose to teach at TCS?

I got connected with Timothy through a youth leader I knew when I went to Evangel church. The youth leader knew I was looking to coach and that there was availability here, so he connected me with Coach Badillo. I coached here for the last two years but I knew I wanted to teach. When the opening for a high school math teacher arose, it made sense considering my background, interests, and expertise. I was also already involved and building relationships with the students. I really felt connected here and called to be at Timothy. Being here has helped me continue developing my relationship with Christ. This is the life I prayed for, and I am where I want to be. I want to continue to strive for excellence and be the best in all that I am doing. 

How are you integrating faith and learning as you teach at TCS?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to passion, faith, and love. I always try to be a great example of what it takes to have those things. It might not be specifically in math, but it might be the way that they see my drive, joy, and passion that I have for math and apply it to other things in their lives. There are days where you are not as motivated as others and days where life hits you harder and developing your character as a person will help you through that. I think that having accountability in your character and relationship with God is important. That is a big part of what has helped me in my walk, and I want to help my students be accountable for themselves as well. I do that by always trying to be supportive, encouraging, and loving towards my students and connecting things back to Scripture. 

In what ways do you want to prepare students for life beyond TCS?

I always say that the students’ grade in my class doesn’t directly reflect their success in life but instead it’s the standard they hold themselves to and the habits they have. I have high standards for my students, and I want them to hold themselves to a high standard and develop these good habits now. It’s your character that is a predictor of where you’re going to be in life. So, if they can develop the disciplines that they learn in my class now and make it a part of who they are, then that will prepare them for college and beyond!