We are blessed to have Dorrel Covington as our 6th through 8th grade Bible teacher here at TCS. He is excited to be a part of the teaching team full time this year. His passion for the Lord and his students shows clearly in all he does.

Dorrel’s background and years of experience make him the perfect fit to teach Middle School Bible. He started subbing when he was only 18 years old and worked as a Paraprofessional. Dorrel has his bachelor’s degree from Pillar College and Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Liberty University. He is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity at Liberty University and will be finished in December. He was an Associate Pastor at a church plant called Revive Church in Morristown and worked at the Milltown summer camp for about 10 years.

Hear more from Dorrel about who inspired him to teach and how he makes the Bible come alive for his students.

What/Who inspired you to take up teaching?

I come from a family of educators. One of my aunts is a retired principal and my other aunt worked in Special Education. My mom teaches Chemistry and Physics at Franklin High School. She has definitely inspired me. She has been teaching for a long time in public schools and she still prays over the kids. She always says that her classroom is her pulpit, where she can motivate and encourage her students to the best of their ability. She’s one of the few teachers in public schools who call the parents and keep that connection with them. She’s a huge inspiration to me!

Why did you choose to teach at TCS?

I’ve always known about Timothy. I used to attend Cornerstone Middle School and Ms. Walker was my teacher. When I considered coming to teach at Timothy, I emailed Dr. Noel who was my professor at Pillar College and asked about any openings. She introduced me to Ms. McKay and God just opened doors. It’s hard to share the Gospel with students in public schools, but I’ve always had a passion for youth ministry and teaching Bible is what I love doing.

How are you integrating faith and learning as you teach at TCS?

It’s a little bit easier teaching Bible, but I try to make the faith real to them and make Jesus real to them. I don’t want it to just be their parents’ religion. I try to answer their questions the best that I can because this age group has a lot of questions. I like to give them a concrete answer based on Scripture.

In what ways do you want to prepare students for life beyond TCS?

The Lord is helping me prepare them every day. I want them to grow in Christ and really take hold of it and give God their best now. I make it real to them by letting them know that it’s not just about doing the right thing but about receiving Jesus, knowing Jesus, and honoring him with your life. I look forward to 20 years from now, when kids come back and visit, seeing strong men and women of God.

Anything you would like to share about your experience at TCS thus far?

I love my coworkers; they are the best team! I love their passion and their care for the kids.

I can tell that all of the teachers really do care about the kids. I love their humility. Everyone is willing to take the time to answer your questions or to help you out with whatever it is that you need. No one’s agenda is above anyone, we’re all just doing this together.