This November the elementary students had a special week dedicated to STEM!  “We have so many elementary students that love science, technology, engineering and math and I wanted to encourage the students in those areas,” said principal McInerney.  Teachers and parents got involved in the learning process.  We kicked off the week with Mr. and Mrs. Hubler teaching the students about God and the Bible and famous scientists that love God’s Word and world.  Mr. Hubler captivated the students with a fun science experiment in the chapel that Monday. 

All week long the teachers provided space for students to create, do math problems, watch science experiments, and build with manipulatives.  We even encouraged an at home STEM project.  Students were asked to create an architectural structure out of pasta!  It was amazing to see the results on Friday when students brought in the Eiffel tower, Freedom tower, castles, leaning tower of Pisa, rockets, and pyramids.  We were so impressed. 

During chapel on Wednesday, we invited Laurie Philips, TCS parent and alumna, to share how God led her to a STEM career of pharmaceuticals.  She did a science experiment showing the kids how medicine is absorbed in the body.

We ended the week back in the chapel with a TCS parent who specializes in the STEM world, Mr. Arias, and he did a presentation on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and IOT (Internet of Things).  The students learned so much this week, and the best part was that they had fun while learning.  A huge thank you to the teachers and parents that made this STEM Week a huge success!

Mrs. McInerney was so encouraged by everyone’s great work that she is already planning for another STEM Week this Spring.