Stalwart is defined as loyal, reliable, and hardworking. This is the definition of all our staff here at TCS. Mrs. Gilmour, Mrs. Hubler, Ms. McKay, and Mrs. Miller were specifically recognized by the 9th grade Honors English students for being particularly stalwart during their employment here at TCS.

Mrs. Jayawardene, our newest addition to the TCS English department, tasked her students with preparing interview reports. A team of freshmen interviewed each one of the four longstanding staff members for their project. They came up with interview questions such as “How has Timothy Christian School changed throughout the years?” What do you think the root of your loyalty to TCS is?” and “What are lessons that the Lord taught you in your time here?

In class the students have been studying Singer’s narrative essay, ‘The Washwoman.’ This story is about a woman who works diligently for her employer for many years. One group said, “The Washwoman faced poverty, illness, and exhaustion from old age, and yet she was diligent in her work of aiding those who needed it, never for charity or reward.” After the interview they needed to relate what they learned about their staff member to what they learned in ‘The Washwoman.’

This was the first time many of the students had conducted an interview. Each group had a few great take aways from their time interviewing these women.

What we’ve learned about TCS’ history is that it’s been a place that’s trying to profess Godly nature in their teaching, and that it’s been a place of welcoming to Christians all around who all share love for God. I think Mrs. Gilmour has inspired all of us through her love of serving others in her line of work being able to give to people and make sure that they have the things they need.”

 “[T]his interview with Mrs. Hubler has been helpful with understanding the history of Timothy Christian School and about life. We have been able to learn about how much TCS has and is continuing to grow over the years. Mrs. Hubler has inspired us by her story.”

“Ms. McKay is a very passionate person. She has dedicated so many years of her life to this establishment, as well as the people who visit it daily. She takes on so many responsibilities every single day, and she manages them with dedication and love.”

“Mrs. Miller [is] extremely passionate in her job, helping people with kindness and love and always trying to guide the children to the Lord. She inspired all of us to aid others no matter what, not just to do good things for rewards or public recognition. “Do what is right and good in the LORD’s sight, so that it may go well with you, and you may go in and take over the good land the LORD promised on oath to your ancestors.” (Deuteronomy 6:18).”

We are so appreciative of these hardworking women on our staff and excited that our students