We are delighted to welcome Shweta Paul to the TCS faculty.

Shweta holds a degree in early childhood education and a diploma in School Management and Leadership from Harvard business school. She is well equipped and excited to be teaching fourth grade this year. Shweta and her husband have two children, Shayla who is a fifth grader at TCS and Joshua who will be joining us next year for K4.

Learn more from Mrs. Paul about what inspired her to teach and how she came to TCS. 

What inspired you to take up teaching?

As a student I attended a Christian school and served in a Christian school in India. In 2008 I came to America from India. I always wanted to teach in a Christian environment. My background in Christian education inspired me to look for a job in a Christian school here.

Why did you choose to teach at TCS?

I chose to teach here so that I could freely talk about my faith in Jesus Christ. In a public school I would not be able to talk about faith at all. Being able to talk about my faith in Jesus and sharing with the students is a great opportunity.

I lived right across the street, and I noticed TCS. My daughter went here first. She started two years ago in third grade. The teachers being able to teach children in a Christian environment brought me to TCS first as a parent and then as an employee.

How are you integrating faith and learning as you teach at TCS?

I am integrating faith into my teaching by relating the topics and facts of each subject that I am teaching to scripture.  

In what ways do you want to prepare students for life beyond TCS?

I am preparing students by teaching them character building. I want to teach them to stand firm in their faith in Jesus Christ. Every day, I want to be instilling integrity into the students.

Anything you would like to share about your experience at TCS thus far?

The people have been so helpful and kind, especially Mrs. Arnold. I don’t even have to ask, and she comes to help me. Everyone around me has been so helpful and loving. I enjoy seeing them love the Lord so much. I love seeing the students pray every day and how much the students love the Bible and our Heavenly Father; to see young kids do that is awesome. I love it here!