The results from our 2021-2022 Parent Satisfaction Survey indicate that overall our parents are highly satisfied with theirs and their children’s experience at Timothy Christian School! Compared to results from the same survey given two years prior, parent satisfaction with TCS has greatly improved! Every one of the 31 categories that were assessed improved in its satisfaction score.

The highest ratings were given in Biblical Worldview integration, Christian environment, Diversity of race and ethnicity of students, Caring and nurturing environment, and Relationships among students and faculty.

When asked the question, “What does Timothy Christian School do really well?” parent answers included:

“They have a great balance of professionalism and a family atmosphere. I’m confident in their ability to provide a quality education for my children but also feel like we’ve been welcomed into a family.”

“Christ-centered education, college readiness, and Christian character.”

“Character Building, Christian Values, Discipline, Solid Foundation on all subjects and excellent teachers and staff.”

“Prepares children intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually in a way that’s appropriate for the current and future challenges of the world.”

The Parent Satisfaction Survey was conducted by Enrollment Catalyst in January 2020 and again in December 2021. The 21-22 survey had 276 respondents representing students across all grade levels.

While the survey also suggested areas that need improvement, most of these items are included in our Strategic Plan and the Continuous School Improvement Plan. We are especially excited that In the area of college prep, additional dual enrollment classes through our partnership with Seton Hall and our new STEM Scholars program will begin this coming fall!

Surveys, along with input from “Coffee with the Principal” events and one-to-one conversations at various school events, provide feedback that shape the direction and decisions of the administration and the TCS School Board. The Leadership Team and the Board are grateful for the honest and candid input provided by our parents. The data gleaned from the surveys significantly help direct various decisions that need to be made in the near future. Thank you to all our parents who participated!