Why did you choose TCS for your child?

My husband and I chose TCS for our 3 children because we wanted a school that would support the values that we are instilling in our children. As new parents at TCS, I regret that my children did not attend sooner. It was by attending TCS that we realized the additional value of the educational opportunities that are available. Who knew that TCS students score high on their SAT test or that TCS ranks #5 in best Christian schools? God knew and he has blessed my family by making a way for our children to attend.

What do you love most about TCS?

The teachers provide the students with a variety of ways to learn each subject. Students are not just taught straight out of textbooks; instead, teachers engage students in a variety of activities to learn different topics. Students are provided with a learning plan weekly, so that they learn to plan and become more responsible in keeping up with their schoolwork. During Covid 19 and with unexpected home learning, TCS proved that this was the best place to be. Teachers were ready and prepared to continue teaching without disruption. My fifth and third grade children knew exactly what was expected of them, and they were able to adapt to the change without interruption. Moreover, student learning continued not just with classroom teaching but also with gym, art, and music, without overwhelming the students or parents.

What is one word that best describes the school? Why?

Opportunity. In one year, my children were able to participate in academic competitions and explore their talents in the arts by joining the school band. My son also had the opportunity to try baseball. TCS recognizes that students need strong academics while providing opportunities for students to engage in a variety of activities outside of the classroom so that they develop their artistic and athletic skills.

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at TCS?

You will not know how good it is unless your child is enrolled. The teachers are truly invested in seeing the best in their students. From the head of school to the principals and the teachers, the children’s needs are truly put first.