We are excited to be launching our new STEM Scholars Program at Timothy Christian School in the fall of 2022! This program is for high achieving high school students who are interested in pursuing further study in a STEM field. They will become part of a community of like-minded students who share a passion for STEM learning. This is part of our strategic plan initiative to be recognized as a STEM school of distinction through Middle States.

The STEM Scholars Program will provide students a focused curricular pathway toward a STEM career. STEM scholars will choose to become a member of a STEM academy (science, technology, engineering, math). As part of a STEM academy, students will experience project-based problem-solving and gain exposure to numerous technology applications in research laboratory settings.  At the same time, they will benefit from the opportunities to participate in traditional high school life such as athletics, theatre arts and music.

STEM Scholars will be challenged to think beyond the normal classroom learning through research projects and inquiry-based, real-world learning. Starting in the freshmen year, they will be exposed to professionals in STEM fields in their area of interest. During their senior year, they will be placed in an internship during the school year aligned with their career pathway. Throughout it all, they will work closely with STEM faculty and the guidance counselor to help them discover their giftings and passion for what God would have for them beyond high school.

Students who participate in the STEM Scholars Program at TCS will have an advantage in the college setting because of the academic rigor, the interdisciplinary approach to learning, the ability to analyze material from a biblical worldview, and the personal interaction and mentorship they will receive from professionals in STEM careers.

With each day that goes by, more and more pieces are being put into place to be ready for our September launch. Curriculum decisions, facility improvements, equipment purchasing, student recruitment, teacher training, extra-curricular and speaker series planning are all occurring as we head toward September.

Twenty-eight of our current TCS students submitted an application and on Saturday, April 30, these applicants took the science inquiry and math entrance tests for the STEM Scholars program. Within the next two weeks, students will find out if they have been accepted as a STEM Scholar. We are excited as we anticipate working more in-depth with these high achieving students.  As the word goes out, we also look forward to new students seeking out TCS to become part of our new STEM Scholars Program. For more information, visit: STEM Scholars Program – Timothy Christian School