What are some of the career paths I can take? What should I be doing now to prepare myself for my future career? These are just some of the questions our high school students are thinking about. To help our students learn about possible career options, we are excited to host Career Day. Each year we bring in either our very own TCS alumni or TCS parents to help expose our students to different career options as they consider what God might have for them in the future. This year it was our parents’ turn!

On Friday, February 25, we had a great line-up of 14 parents representing a variety of careers in the fields of technology, biology, meteorology, psychology, the performing arts, physical therapy, business and finance, law enforcement, television production, law, history and ministry. They spoke with our students about their professional journey and how God directed them educationally and professionally into their career. They also explained the nuts and bolts of their job and how God is using them in their career to be a light for Him.

Career bios of our presenters were given to our students. Based on what was shared in the bios, students selected the top three careers they were most interested in.

We began in the gym with a brief overview from each of our presenters who gave one piece of advice to all the students. A common theme was to choose something that one is passionate about. After lunch, students attended three 20-minute break-out sessions where they heard from our parents about each of the careers they chose.

“Parent career day was an incredible opportunity for students to learn about potential career paths, engage in discussions and to see how God can use their vocations to honor and glorify him in all that they do,” said Doug MacMillan, TCS Guidance Counselor.

Exposing our students to possible careers starts early at TCS! On March 2, our elementary students had a chance to hear first-hand from a professional chef, a pilot, a college softball coach, and a pharmacist, all of whom are TCS parents! Elementary Principal Mrs. McInerney shared, “The message we took away was that God has given each one of us unique gifts and talents and we are to use them for His glory.”

We are excited to be able to provide an education for our students that includes opportunities like this outside of the classroom. We are so thankful for our parents who gave their time to share about their own career and encourage our students to pursue what God has for them.