Team on 3, family on 6, is something you would commonly hear from our teams as they break the huddle to enter the field of competition. The athletic experience at TCS is viewed with great pride in the school community. Many of our students participate on one of our athletic teams. 70% of the elementary students, 75% of the middle school students, and 80% of the high schoolers participate on at least one of the 24 different athletic teams or programs throughout the school year. The high school athletic department gained membership into the Greater Middlesex County Conference in 2010-11 and has claimed 11 divisional championships since then.

“Raise the Bar” is not just a phrase we say, it’s an active plan that’s been put in place to give our student-athletes the best experience possible each year. In NJ only 35% of schools have a full-time athletic trainer and we are one of them. Our Head Trainer, Rob Eckert, is available to our students, coaches, and families, making sure each student-athlete is ready to compete each season. Over the years, available technologies have changed the way teams prepare and reach their goals each season. At TCS we have invested many resources to make sure that our athletic teams have these training tools at their disposal. Our gymnasium is equipped with cameras that allow us to film practices and broadcast games. That same film can be broken down utilizing the “Team Room” we have built for our athletes, which has the appropriate technologies that will allow them to take their skills to the next level.  Once again, “Raising the Bar” is an active goal of the TCS Athletic Department.

Building relationships and raising up the next generation is a Biblical principle that we take seriously in the athletic department. Each year the TCS student-athletes and coaches run a training program for our elementary students called Junior Tigers. This program allows our youngest students to have an introduction to each of the sports that TCS offers, learn the skills of the games, and be encouraged by upperclassmen which builds tremendous community on the campus. Many of our youngest tigers are eagerly looking forward to Junior Tigers’ basketball and cheerleading which begin next week!

This fall our Girls Soccer Team won the GMC Gold Division Championship. Our girls’ soccer team co-ops with Mother Seton and together they could not be stopped.  The accolades continued when the post season awards came out, TCS athletes received ten all division awards. Girls’ soccer had two All-Division athletes in Haley Gottshall and Victoria Vega. Girls Volleyball received three All-Division awards: Hailee Medina, Holly Medina and Aliyah Hobbs. Our boys’ soccer team had five All-Division awards: Angel Trejo, Ishan Shrestha, Ron Popov, Jacob Dyer, and Dan Schafhauser. To cap off a great fall sports season, our Varsity Head Coaches received the GMC Blue Division Coach of the Year Award!

During many team moments you will hear our coaches say, “Hard Work.” These moments serve as a reminder that to achieve our goals, we must put in the necessary “Hard Work” to achieve them.

With God’s grace, we have continued to persevere through the challenges of the past two years and have had very successful athletic seasons.  Athletic Director, Nick Badillo says, “Always remember, our seasons don’t define our hope, it’s our HOPE (in Jesus) that defines our season!”

If you have not had a chance yet, check out our athletic calendar and join us for a home basketball game in the gym! Bring your family and grab some dinner or snacks at the one and only “Tiger’s Den,” known for serving the best food in the GMC!

God Bless & Go Tigers!