One of our favorite days of the year is our chance to show our local law enforcement how much we appreciate them! Timothy celebrated its fifth annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on Friday, January 14. 

Our plan was to honor and appreciate our officers in person this year. However, due to the recent spike in Covid, a few of the departments expressed that they would feel more comfortable doing a “drive-thru” breakfast like we did last year. As a result, just a few days before the event, we quickly reorganized to pivot from our in-person plans to a drive-thru!  

Cheerleaders cheered and elementary children enthusiastically waved as officers sounded their horns and flashed their lights in the drive-thru line!   

We had 33 cars with 52 officers from 18 departments (representing many of the towns in which our students reside) drive through! Two of which were our very own TCS alumni: Dan Smith, serving as Chief of Police in Dunellen, and Melissa Soucek, serving as a NJ State Trooper. We were overjoyed to welcome them “home!” We also had several of our own parents, Mr. Zeigler, Mrs. Dinkle, and Mr. Vasquez join us.  

All who came received a hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea along with a bag of breakfast goodies, donated by our TCS families, and a hot breakfast sandwich donated by McDonald’s of Piscataway who generously agreed to partner with us for this special event! We gave each of the 37 first-time attendees a Law Enforcement Bible and each returning officer received a tactical flashlight with Timothy Christian School and Psalm 119:105: Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” inscribed on it.  

The leadership team, administrative staff and parent volunteers greeted, thanked, and served the officers while many elementary students held signs and gave hand-made cards of appreciation to each one. The TCS Tiger and Cheerleaders cheered to show their appreciation!  

Our hope is that all who came felt blessed and appreciated. 

Here is what the Plainfield Police Department had to say about the day:  

Every last officer said that they were sooooooo glad that they came!  They were super excited when they returned!!!!   I think they all needed THIS!!!!  They all said that it was the best thing ever!  All afternoon I see them eating their snacks!  Many have the drawings/colorings hanging at their desk! Thank you again for inviting us!  You have no idea how it made the officers feel!”   

TCS will continue to pray for the safety and protection of our officers who risk their lives daily to serve and protect us.  God willing, we look forward to having them on campus in person next year!