With a heart for having her students learn about great men and women of faith, Mrs. McInerney, elementary principal, worked with Mrs. Hubler, our media specialist, to choose 20 Christian Heroes from Mrs. Hubler’s Christian Hero Library. “If we don’t teach our kids about Christian Heroes, who will?” says Mrs. Hubler. For Mrs. McInerney, it is so important for her elementary students to learn about the incredible sacrifices that these men and women made to accomplish what they did and their love and dedication to the Lord. “These are great people for our kids to look up to. I have also shared with them that our teachers, pastors and their parents who love the Lord are also Christian Heroes!”

Twelve of our elementary students, kindergarten through fifth grade, chose to participate and selected one of the following Christian Heroes: Sojourner Truth, Mother Teresa, Eric Liddell, Jim Elliot, Martin Luther King, Jr., Corrie Ten Boom, Billy Graham, Priscilla Shirer, Lottie Moon, Amy Carmichael, Susan B. Anthony, and Ben Carson.

Not only did our students get to learn about these amazing men and women, but they also had a wonderful opportunity to express their creativity, dressing up as their hero, and to practice their public speaking skills where they could grow more comfortable and confident sharing in front of an audience of their peers and parents who were invited to attend.

The skills and confidence they gained from this experience will continue to be built upon throughout their elementary years and help prepare them for middle school, high school, college and career!

After reading a book about their Christian Hero, the students wrote some of the highlights that they learned on notecards.  Mrs. McInerney, the elementary principal, then worked with each of the students to practice speaking slowly and clearly, making eye contact and using the microphone before the big day.

On Thursday, October 28, the students dressed up to look like their Christian Hero and presented what they had learned to their peers during the special assembly. The audience was especially impressed when first grader, Shalom, stood up and began preaching just like Billy Graham!

All our students did an amazing job! I am so proud of every one of them! I loved seeing their personalities shine through and seeing their confidence grow,” shared Mrs. McInerney.