Timothy Christian School is getting ready to launch a new initiative with Seton Hall University called Project Acceleration where students will be able to graduate from high school already having college credits under their belt. Under Project Acceleration, eight high school courses offered at TCS have been approved to receive college credit through Seton Hall. This means that right now TCS high school students can graduate high school and enter college with 24 college credits already earned!  The courses that have currently been approved are AP Calculus, AP Statistics, Honor PreCalculus, AP Chemistry, Honors Physics, AP Language and Composition, Spanish 4, and Senior Biblical Studies. There are plans to seek approval for additional courses during this school year.

TCS has offered a few dual enrollment courses before under two different institutions, but Project Acceleration brings our dual enrollment courses under one umbrella. Students do not have to attend Seton Hall University to take advantage of their college credits. Since Seton Hall is an accredited institution of higher learning, our TCS students may transfer their Seton Hall credits to whatever college they will be attending after graduating from Timothy.

For high school courses to be approved for dual enrollment, they must be junior or senior level courses and taught by teacher who holds a master’s degree or higher in the subject they are teaching. Each course syllabus, textbook and assessments are reviewed for academic rigor and quality by a committee from Seton Hall before approval is granted.

Already with a strong program, the future of academics at Timothy looks even brighter. “The fact that all of the courses we submitted to Project Acceleration were approved on the first round of evaluation is a testimony to the quality of teachers we have working here at TCS,” beamed Laura McKay, high school principal. “Not only are they highly qualified professionals, but they also have developed courses and teach at an exceptional level. I’m excited for the doors that will open to our students through Project Acceleration.”

Look for more Project Acceleration courses to be added and new academic initiatives to come as we go through the 2021-2022 school year.