Have you ever wanted to “try out” the role of being “the Principal” for just a day? First grader, Sean Porcher, and 11thgrader, Linda Cuykendall, got to do just that!

The “Elementary Principal for a Day” and the “MS/HS Principal for a Day” roles were auctioned off at this year’s annual Spring Banquet in April.

Thanks to his Aunt Tracy, Sean Porcher, had this opportunity! “I thought this would be fun and a good confidence builder for Sean. He could learn leadership skills, work with others and it could be something he could remember for the rest of his life! And who knows, maybe he’ll decide he wants to be a principal someday!”

Linda’s parents began bidding on items a week before the banquet when the auction opened online. Her dad thought it would fun for Linda to try out the role of Principal for a Day! “When he asked me if I wanted to do it, I said, ‘Sure! It would be fun to see what it’s all about.’”

When the day arrived…

Sean, decked out in his sport coat and bow tie, spent the day by Mrs. McInerney’s side. Sean gave the morning announcements over the intercom, read to kindergarten and K4 classes, lead bible trivia on the microphone in the lunchroom, helped run Chapel by making announcements, choosing the students for the pledges and prayer and leading the Sword Drills, and announced the first 10 students on the walkie talkie for the car line. It was a fun-filled day, both for Sean and Mrs. McInerney!

Sean said that his favorite part of the day was leading the Sword Drills in the upper elementary Chapel. Sean loved calling out the verse and then saying: “Charge!” which gives the students permission to open their Bible and compete to be the first to find the verse, stand up and read it aloud. Sean then got to give prizes to the winners.

Mrs. McInerney’s favorite part of seeing Sean as ‘Principal’ was having him help her with the car line and call the names out on the walkie talkie.

Linda began her day professionally dressed, greeting students and doing ‘temperature checks’ at the HS Building six door.

After meeting with the Principal, Miss McKay, Linda was able to give instructions to Mrs. Grigouli, MS/HS administrative assistant, about tasks that needed to be done that day. Together, Linda and Miss McKay then visited Miss Hopper’s room to do a classroom observation. Linda was able to fill out an observation sheet to evaluate the teacher’s lesson. After discussing how things went, both Miss McKay and Linda agreed that Miss Hopper’s lesson was a 10!

Next, she helped set up for Chapel and give the announcements as Miss McKay does each Wednesday.

Linda was allowed to make two rules, pre-approved by Miss McKay, and announce them to the students. The first, “Free ice cream for everyone on a future date,” was certainly a hit!