While some seniors were in the DR doing ministry, other seniors during the same week were at home showing God’s love to people right here in NJ. By design, the hometown ministries were selected to give a similar experience to what the others were doing internationally. Students here got to show God’s love in a physical way by helping Miriam’s Heart, a ministry in Bound Brook which supports adoptive and foster kids and families. Students did outdoor spring cleaning by sweeping the parking lot, raking the property, and spreading mulch with Mr. DiSebastian. Others worked at TCS helping Dr. Smock and the maintenance crew to get Building 3 ready for painting this summer.

Students spent one day with alumni parent, Amoon Sharon, and his son Daud, TCS alumnus ’12, learning about the Islamic culture. Mr. Sharon and his family had to flee their home country of Pakistan and seek asylum in the United States because of the violent religious persecution they were facing for their Christian faith. With Mr. Sharon, accompanied by Mr. Barr and Mrs. Dyer, students were able to visit a mosque in Piscataway to learn more about the religious beliefs of Islam and how they differ from Christianity.

For international student Anna Ding, this was her favorite day. “My favorite day out of the week was the day we went to the mosque. It was an interesting experience, and I learned a lot. It was nostalgic at the same time because my mother’s family is Islamic by tradition.” 

Seniors packed over 5,000 meals that would be distributed around the world with Rise Against Hunger, led by alumnus Nick DiMare ’14 and Mr. Landis. This was the same day the DR seniors were handing out the same type of meals to families in Haitian sugarcane villages. Our 2021 seniors got to be part of the complete cycle of paying for and prepping the meals to actually praying with and putting them in the hands of hungry families.


Kids’ ministry is an important part of the DR trip. Seniors in NJ assisted Mr. Decker in running an elementary field day for our K4-5th grade students on a day where the temperature hovered in the high 80s. Fun was had by all as our oldest students interacted with our very youngest. 

For Kyla Johnson, “The most enjoyable day had to be Thursday. Putting on a field day for the elementary kids not only gave back to a community that I’ve been a part of for so many years but also made me realize how much I enjoy working with kids. To see how excited they were to participate made my day and I hope that this is something that TCS can continue for years to come.”

Prayer is foundational for any lasting impact in any ministry. On the last day of the week, our seniors traveled to the NJ state capitol in Trenton with Pastor Bill Page, Mrs. Mendalski and Mr. Hayes. There they met Shawn Hyland of the NJ Family Policy Alliance. Shawn talked to them about the current legislation in NJ that directly opposes the Bible’s teaching on gender identity and the impact it will have on Christian institutions if it passes. The group then spent time praying for our state leaders and for God’s truth to prevail in New Jersey’s legal system. The next prayer stop was at Options for Women, a facility where abortions are performed. Lisa Munoz, a leader for 40 Days for Life joined them and gave testimony of how prayer has stemmed the tide of abortions even right there at that clinic. The final prayer stop was at the Piscataway Municipal Center where students prayed for Mayor Wahler, the Piscataway police and our local officials.

Whether in the DR or here at home, our seniors are out putting their faith into action and ministering to others in Christ’s love. It is our prayer that as they leave Timothy Christian School, they will continue to be bold in their faith, showing others the light of the Gospel.