Our first graders are now authors!

First grade is a big year for learning to read and write. As a culminating project at the end of the year, each first grader writes and illustrates their own story and then gets to read it aloud before an audience at a special assembly.

This event, started by former TCS first grade teacher, Mrs. Susanj, continues to be a much loved event by students, faculty and parents alike!

Current first grade teacher, Miss Rabideau, remembers her own Author’s Day when she was a first grade student in Mrs. Susanj’s class! “I remember wearing my favorite dress that my grandmother made for me. We were all nervous and excited. It was so fun to celebrate our writing when I was a 1st grader, and I’m glad we can continue this tradition! I am so very proud of all my first graders!”

Parents were so appreciative of being able to come and see their children read their story. “I love that TCS does events like this! It is great for us as parents to come see the hard work our children are doing and celebrate with them,” said Sabrina Henry.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for our students to get comfortable with public speaking. “I was so impressed that all the children got up in front and read aloud. I love that my son has no fear at all. I think this is because TCS does these events,” shared Anjana Jose.

“Our TCS elementary team loves to provide public speaking opportunities for our students, says elementary principal, Mrs. McInerney.  “This is a great way for them to learn to stand in front of an audience and showcase their abilities.  We are so very proud of our first graders!

”Congratulations to all our first grade authors! Thank you to all our parents for their support and a special thank you to first grade mom Tara Porcher who took pictures of everyone!