Michelle Tkachuk Niles, TCS class of 2010, attended Rutgers University where she majored in biological sciences and received a Bachelor of Arts degree. She then majored in nursing at Chamberlain University and got a Bachelor of Science Nursing degree. Today, Michelle is using her God-given gifts and talents as she works as a registered nurse at Capital Health Medical Center.

While she finds it challenging to maintain the high energy needed to get through shifts after some emotionally and physically draining of days, she always loves the opportunity to comfort people during vulnerable periods in their lives. When asked what she is most proud of in her career thus far, Michelle shared, “I’m proud to have been in the frontline during the peak of the covid-19 pandemic. I’m most proud of seeing a patient recover at the end of a very long hospital stay. Upon his discharge, he said that I saved his life and from this point on I’m not longer his nurse, but his friend.”

TCS is proud to call Michelle an alumna! Our HS students were blessed to meet Michelle in person as she shared at this year’s Alumni Career Day.

Today she is married to her best friend, Zach, and they have a yellow lab named Maverick. Learn more about Michelle and what she shared about her experience at TCS.

What do you love most about TCS?

The teachers’ passion for Christ, and their genuine love and care for the students.

What is one word that best describes the school? Why?

Ministry. The teachers can work in public schools and get paid more. This in itself tells you that these teachers are doing their jobs for the right reason and that they are willing to invest a 110% in their students.

Describe one of your favorite memories of TCS.

Sports, Choir and Math class with Mr. T! I loved soccer practice/pre-season in the summer months leading up to the start of the school year. Track & field was awesome because we got to see our hard work from practice (8 minute abs, weight lifting, sprints, etc) put to the test at track meets! Sports fostered teamwork and discipline, things that I value and utilize in my current job daily! As a little girl, I’d sing in multiple church functions. I was thrilled to learn of TCS’s music department and couldn’t wait to get involved in concert choir/women’s ensemble. Mrs. Brookman knows how to encourage and bring out the best in students. She has an absolute heart of gold. From ACSI competitions to Christmas concerts, these are memories I’ll forever cherish. Math was never my strong subject growing up, but Mr. T was patient and adamant about his students understanding! He not only taught math, but he coached sports as well. I was most teachers’ worst nightmare- I engaged everyone around me and caused major disruptions in class. Mr. T accepted the challenge and became one of my favorite teachers.

From your own experience, why do you believe it was important for you to attend TCS?

I believe the experiences that I had at TCS contributed to the path I ended up taking and moulded me into the person that I am today. Our senior trip to the DR and the concept of serving others was the stepping stone to my current path as a registered nurse.

How are faith and learning integrated at TCS?

The prayers before classes, chapel, Bible classes, and the overall mission of the school integrate faith with learning at TCS. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a school value morals, and to see teachers live out their Christian faith.

In what ways did TCS prepare you for college and beyond?

Extra-curricular activities such as sports taught me the meaning of discipline and teamwork, two things that prepared me for college and beyond. I found that I was extremely prepared in college writing thanks to TCS’s AP literature class.

What would you tell a friend to encourage them to send their child to TCS?

TCS offers the best of both worlds- academics and values. The students are held to a high standard. The teachers set good examples to follow. I’d send my children to TCS in a heartbeat.