For the first-time ever, the TCS annual Spring Banquet was held hybrid style –in person and online on Friday, April 23.

The Imperial Room at the Bridgewater Manor buzzed with excitement as people were able to be with one another at an in-person event for the first time in a long time.  Those in attendance enjoyed time with one another and browsing the auction items before the Livestream program began at 8:00 pm. All those in person and those online were able to participate in the silent and live auction via mobile bidding on their cell phones or computers!

A select group of student ambassadors welcomed our in-person guests, escorted them to their tables, and shared their testimony about TCS with them.

Dr. Smock, Head of School, began the program by welcoming everyone and introducing Lisa Dyer, Director of Advancement, who shared about the theme for the evening – Together We Thrive and introduced each of the speakers who shared wonderfully heartfelt testimonies.

The live auction, led by Dr. Smock and TCS parent, Chris Spies, provided great entertainment and fun in between the speakers. Those in-person and those online were eagerly competing to win. Congratulations to all our silent and live auction winners! Special drawings were also held during the evening with a new Timothy t-shirt and Keychain being awarded to some of our online attendees.

We especially thank all those who sponsored the event, donated auction items, bid in the auction, helped set up and run the technology, all those who volunteered with planning and preparation for the event, the Bridgewater Manor for hosting us in person and GiveSmart for hosting us online!  Thank you to our speakers and student ambassadors.

By God’s grace, the annual spring banquet was a wonderful evening that celebrated all that God has enabled us to do this year and raised $46,000 for the Annual Fund which benefits our students, faculty, and all academic programming. Thank you to all who were a part of it!  We deeply appreciate your generosity… it could not happen without you!

If you did not have a chance to participate and would like to make a donation, please click here.

If you missed being with us that evening, please see below for the Together We Thrive and speaker introductions. You may also click here to see the program: TCS Spring Banquet Livestream Recording  and click here for viewing the photos  Banquet Photos

Over Timothy’s 71-year history there have certainly been many challenges along the way, but the challenges of this past year have been unlike any before!

More than ever, we are thankful to God that we have not only survived, but we are thriving at Timothy Christian School! There have been many Christian schools who have not survived the pandemic. We, by God’s grace, not only are still open but God has used the pandemic to propel us even further in our pursuit to provide the finest Christ-centered education! The challenges of Covid forced us to think outside the box and bring our technology to a whole different level, from the classroom to the camera in the gym for watching games online.  Unlike many schools across the country, we at TCS, came together to create and implement a plan that by God’s grace has allowed us to be open five days a week in person this year!! Together We Thrive!

As I was researching how other schools across the country were doing Banquets during COVID, I came across a Christian School in California who titled their event “Together We Thrive.” I loved it! I thought about how a tree thrives and how similarly TCS is thriving! We certainly get the picture of a thriving tree from Psalm 1:3. “And he shall be like a tree, planted by rivers of water that bringeth forth its fruit in its season; It’s leaf also shall not wither and whatsoever it doeth shall prosper.” The strong thriving tree – Timothy Christian School with its deep widespread roots planted by rivers of water with strong branches and leaves. Water and light provide the nourishment for the tree. It’s easy to make the analogy of God’s Living Water and the Light of His Word being the things that give sustenance to our school. Without these things the tree would die. Without these things we would be like any other school teaching kids academic knowledge with no biblical wisdom. We would not be able to exist as a Christian school that honors the Lord without His presence and the light of His Word.

A tree must have a strong root system in order to thrive. Trees don’t have just one root, but rather a network of roots that spreads out to bring resources and support the tree. These roots make the tree strong and stable, able to weather the storms and allow the tree to thrive to produce great fruit! What are the roots of the TCS tree? What makes our school strong? It’s our teachers, our parents, our academic programs, our ministries, and our donors. These roots working together anchor the school and pull in different resources – money, time, knowledge, expertise, and prayer.  These resources are pumped from the roots up into the tree making it strong. For what purpose? To produce fruit – sweet, juicy, ripe, mature fruit. What is the fruit of the TCS tree? Our students, filled with knowledge and wisdom, critical thinkers with keen minds and biblical discernment who love the Lord with heart, soul, mind and strength. These students become alumni who then later return to become roots of the tree for the next generation.

There can be no fruit without the tree. There can be no tree without the roots. You are an important part of the root system so that Together We Thrive.

Testimonies were heard from a few people who represent each of the roots and the fruit of our Timothy tree.

Faculty Root. New to our TCS staff this year, Alyssa Palma, teaches her 2nd graders with great passion and joy! Students, parents, and fellow faculty alike sing her praises. Alyssa recently entered a contest in which she wrote about “Why she loves her school” and won!

Our Parent Root. There are so many wonderful parents who have expressed how much they love TCS. I encourage you to read their stories on our website and in our Tiger News Blast.

One of our veteran families, the Quizons, recently shared this: TCS is a school that prepares your child not just to excel academically but also to face real life challenges in the future. They do this by not just imparting sound biblical truths, but also equipping them with skills necessary to thrive in this secular world.

New to our TCS family this year are Philip and Trinity Tinsely, parents of Zion in Mrs. Barry’s kindergarten. The Tinsleys were excited to join the Timothy community and were quick to get involved – from volunteering to help Mrs. Barry to speaking in Chapel to attending “coffee with the principal!”

Oscar Fajardo, father of Michaela in HS & Victoria in MS, is extremely supportive and passionate about TCS! His excitement for Timothy is contagious! He holds the record for bringing the most number of prospective families to visit TCS!

Our Academic Programs Root includes academics, arts and athletics. Alumni parent and donor, Lynn Wilkinson, is a tremendous prayer warrior! She and her husband have faithfully supported TCS for many years through prayer, volunteering, and giving.

The Ministry Root – The ministries at TCS are what led our alumnus, Nick DiMare to the career he is in today!   He is passionate about serving “the least of these.” As an alum, Nick is most definitely one of the great fruits of the Timothy tree!

Fruit – We are blessed to have 320 students in person this year. It is a joy to watch each of them grow academically, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially. Two of our seniors, Rachel George and Zach Lihn shared what they have loved most about TCS and what their plans are after graduation.

Fruit – Alumni – Jermaine Vaughn, TCS class of 1990

After graduating from the King’s College he pursued a career in sales. Today, Jermaine is a very successful territory business leader for Zealand Pharma. He has given back to Timothy by being  an integral part of our basketball coaching staff for the last 25 years!

Donor Root – John Janho, III

As I mentioned earlier, our students eventually become alumni who then later return to become roots of the tree for the next generation. Our last speaker has done just that. After attending TCS himself and graduating in 1980, John Janho, III then graduated from Liberty University & began working for the family business. Not long after, he became a TCS parent, when he and his wife, Kelly, sent their four children to Timothy. Today they are TCS grandparents as their grandchildren, Elias & Lucas are here as our first third -generation students! What a legacy! John & Kelly have continued to pour back into Timothy with prayer, finances, and serving. John has served on the Timothy Board for 24 years now and is currently serving as the Vice President. He is extremely passionate and committed to Christian education and seeing it continue to produce great fruit!