This year our elementary students had the opportunity to participate in their very first Bible Fair! “Every year I love giving the students the opportunity to use their research skills and create an amazing project.  This year I wanted to do a topic that we have never done before.  We’ve done Science Fairs, Social Studies Fairs, Cultural Fairs, but we had never done a Bible themed fair” says Elementary Principal, Mrs. McInerney.

The parents and students were given a list of 50 different Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation.  They chose the story that they wanted to learn more about and then created a tri fold board and create a model if they chose to.  They could bring in books, artifacts, clothing, anything extra to make their project stand out and come alive.

We had over 40 projects brought in on Tuesday, April 13th, in the chapel and it was a sight to behold.  Seeing all of the different bible stories in chronological order was great.  The families used so much creativity in putting the projects together.  We had the third through fifth grade students judge the projects and choose their top 3 favorites.

The winners were:

First place: Millie B. in 2B (The Read Sea)

Second place: Joslyn D. in 2A (Baby Moses)

Third place: Joshua G. in 2A (Joshua & the Battle of Jericho)

Honorable mentions:

Alana B. in 3A (Adam & Eve)

Lucas J. in KA (Daniel in the Lion’s Den)

Shiran R. in 5A (Jesus heals a blind man)

Mason L. in 2B (Story of the 12 Apostles)

This was a wonderful learning opportunity for our students and a chance to flex their creative muscles!  Mrs. McInerney shared, “I am so very proud of all our students who participated! Congratulations to all of our participants, winners, and honorable mentions! Thank you for making our very first Bible Fair truly amazing!”