On February 26, fifteen Timothy alumni, spanning the years from 1983 – 2014, returned to share with our high school students about their careers. Thanks to technology, four of them though not able to travel to be with us in person, were able to present online.

Upon arrival, our in-person guests were escorted by student ambassadors to the library where there was a small reception for them. They were introduced to the current administration and all who made Alumni Career Day possible. We let them know how truly grateful we are for them and their willingness to come back and share with our students.

Laura McKay, current MS & HS principal as well as an alum herself, class of ’85, welled up with emotion as she shared “This day is so very special to me. As I look around the room and think of those joining us online today, memories flash of being in school with some of you as a fellow student. Some of you I taught PE. Others I taught biology and for others I was your principal! Looking at all of you and knowing how you are successfully using the gifts and talents God has given you in your careers and in ministry makes everything we, the faculty & staff, do, all the hours we work, and the sacrifices we make, worth it! I am so very proud of you!”

A special assembly was held in the gymnasium where Miss McKay introduced the 15 alumni to the high school student body. Each of the alumni shared a little bit about themselves and gave a word of advice to our high schoolers. Here is some of what was shared:

Elaine Lucadano, broadcast journalist, class of ’83, “Find your passion! What do you love to do? What do you do well? What gifts God has given you? The answers will help you find your career path. It’s not all about the money. It’s about your sanity, looking forward to waking up every day, being productive, helping others, and serving God, in whatever you’re doing. Stay focused and seek out and seize every opportunity you get!”

Glenn Fowler, police detective, class of ’91, “God has a plan for each of our lives. The piece of advice I have for you is to trust God. His timeline is probably different than yours. He’s got it worked out; never forget that. And He has great things planned for you!”

Michelle Niles, nurse, class of ‘10: “If you’re not sure what you want to do, it’s really helpful to shadow or volunteer in the kind of career that you’re interested in. You will become more confident and know if that’s something you want to do.”

Current TCS faculty hosted alumni in their classrooms where the alumni presented during three 20-minute breakout sessions to students who had pre-selected them. Students had the opportunity to ask questions and connect with the alumni one on one, as well as receive their contact information. Our hope is that some of these students will keep in touch with our alumni and possibly seek their help for internships or job opportunities in the future.

Olivia Spiess, high school senior, plans to do just that! She loved her session with Dr. Natalie Savo, veterinarian, class of ‘11 and hopes to shadow her sometime in the future. Olivia has always loved animals and is interested in veterinary medicine. “I liked that I was able to ask questions of someone who once was in my shoes and could give me specific advice for going into the veterinary field. Natalie answered a lot of questions for me, including ones that I didn’t even know I should ask.”

Freshman, Willow Portee, also plans to shadow one of our alumni, Dr. Christian Crespo, an optometrist, class of ‘10. However, Willow never expected this. Prior to Career Day, when asked to select which presenters she was interested in hearing, Willow had no interest in optometry. However, after hearing Dr. Crespo’s introduction during the HS assembly, she requested to switch to one of his sessions. “I was very intrigued by how well he portrayed what he did in a simplistic but interesting way. He made a complex subject easy for everyone to understand. I have always been fascinated by the eyeball and listening to him speak, lit a fire in me! I attended his session and spoke to him more afterwards. He invited me to shadow him and I will indeed be doing that!”

Several students appreciated the stories shared and encouragement they received from Jermaine Vaughn, sales & marketing, class of ’90, but for sophomore, Samantha Ulrich, he was the perfect fit.  “Mr. Vaughn taught me so much about marketing and selling which is the path I want to go down. I am very excited to be able to contact him in the future for wisdom and advice as I pursue my dream of having my own faith-based clothing company.”

We are deeply grateful to each of our alumni presenters. We know that every one of them impacted some of the students who heard them. We are certain that God will use the seeds planted and connections made on Career Day in our students’ lives in the years to come. We look forward to sharing the stories of each of our alumni who presented. Stay tuned to our website, the Tiger News, and social media!