When it comes to big ideas, Samantha Ulrich’s mind is always turning. Samantha is a 10th grade student at TCS who truly possesses an entrepreneurial spirit. Already with a monetized Youtube channel and a business on Etsy, Samantha now turns her attention to her latest and biggest venture, an on-line clothing store called A Walk with Him. Samantha was inspired by this year’s HS chapel theme to be Culture Changers by being “in the world but not of the world” (John 17:14-16). At the same time, she was looking for an idea for her “Take Action” project as a prerequisite to advancing to the highest Gold level in the Girl Scouts, which she has been part of for eleven years. All along scouting has encouraged her to take her passions and use them to make a positive impact on the community around her. And that’s exactly what she’s doing!

When talking with Samantha, it is clear that the two things which get her excited are fashion and Jesus. A Walk with Him marries these two passions by featuring stylish apparel with uplifting Bible verses printed on them. Right now you can purchase T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and baseball hats with different verses in a variety of styles.

With excitement on her face and in her voice, Samantha explains, “A Walk With Him shows that modest clothes are cool and NOT “old lady” looking.
This is a way of sharing God’s word that can change our culture. We need to turn our culture towards Jesus. We have to start at the source which is
fashion and social media because most clothing that society thinks is cool is actually inappropriate. As Christians, we need to stand together to make a change for Jesus, and the best way to start is with A Walk With Him!”

Samantha not only wants to make a difference in our culture in New Jersey and in the United States, she also wants to join in with the impact TCS is making in the Dominican Republic. She has committed 10% of the profits from A Walk With Him to go to the Senior class DR mission trip.

To learn more about Samantha’s story and to join her in being a Culture Changer through fashion by making a purchase, click on www.awalkwithhimfashion.com.