If there is anything recent history has taught us, it’s to appreciate today and trust God with tomorrow. The journey through athletics has given our coaches and student athletes a renewed appreciation for each practice and game. The 2021 Basketball and Cheerleading seasons have kicked off, but with a very different experience than before. One of the unique changes to this year’s winter sports season is that there are no spectators allowed at the games. Each team has had the challenge of bringing their own energy and creating a new experience at every game.

With no fans in the stands, the TCS Athletic Department remained determined to make sure that no parents or fans missed one minute of our home games. That determination led to the installation of a live streaming camera in our TCS gymnasium. Every Tigers home game for our middle school and high school athletes is streamed live on YouTube for everyone to watch. The camera is mounted in the gym and has special programming that is designed for both basketball and volleyball. The programming in the camera allows it to follow the game as if there was a person controlling it, giving the fans a great experience online.

Don’t miss a minute of the season this year! Go to the Timothy Christian Athletics YouTube page and subscribe to see the Tigers compete this winter. God Bless and Go Tigers.