Excitement and nervous anticipation filled the air as our current fifth graders and their parents joined us for the 5th Grade Move-up MS Experience on January 14th.

Miss McKay, MS & HS principal, designed this special evening to give parents and their 5th grade students the opportunity to get a taste of what middle school (MS) at Timothy Christian is all about! While there was an emphasis on 6th grade, the evening gave everyone a feel for the whole three-year experience in MS.

Miss Hopper who currently teaches the sixth grade and was not able to be there physically, sent a warm welcome and overview of sixth grade via video.

Parents and students were able to see, hear and actually experience some of what happens in MS through hands-on activities and presentations. Several of our MS teachers were there and engaged students and parents in activities that they use as they teach.

Middle School History teacher, Mrs. Dagnall, had students put major timeline events in chronological order. Students were challenged with what came first: The English Magna Carta or the discovery of the Ancient Egyptian Rosetta Stone! The timeline events were based off of content that students will learn in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade history.

For an introduction to 7th and 8th Grade literature, Mr. Van Ness divided the room into two sides. The students were faced with prompts such as “Which is better, chicken nuggets or chicken fingers?”, or “Would you rather be the best at one thing, or average at everything you try?” This exercise is used in the classroom to teach discussion skills, and help students learn how to defend their opinions both on trivial matters and significant issues.

The parents were invited to join in with their students for Mrs. Johnson’s science experiment where they observed the rate of diffusion using Skittles! They placed Skittles in a ring around a plastic plate and poured in hot or cold water.
After a few seconds they saw the dye from the Skittles diffuse out toward the center of the plate in a colorful rainbow pattern. Afterwards, they compared data and it was concluded that diffusion occurs faster in warmer temperatures.

The evening made it clear that MS teachers make learning fun!

Miss McKay spoke about the strong academics, electives and leadership opportunities offered in MS and the support that students, and parents, receive in making the transition from elementary school to middle school.

Mrs. Pierre shared about her love for the students, the exciting changes that will happen with regard to more independence in MS as well as the changes in the uniform!

When asked what she thought of the MS Experience, 5th Grader Tyari Perry said, “I loved that we got to be there and learn new things about sixth grade and the opportunities that we will have in middle school!”

The 5th graders and their parents left the evening with a good understanding of what to expect in middle school at TCS and with confident assurance that their children will continue to receive an excellent academic education and be well cared for spiritually and emotionally by a dedicated, loving staff.