As a school parent for nine years, MS basketball coach for four years, and beginning his second year as Varsity Boys Head Basketball Coach, Pastor Dennis McNulty is not new to TCS! Serving as a senior pastor for 16 years with a degree in Biblical Studies from Pillar College and a Delta Epsilon Chi National Honor Society Inductee by the Association for Biblical Higher Education, we are delighted to have Pastor McNulty join the part-time faculty to teach Old Testament Survey to our ninth graders and Bible Doctrine to our tenth graders. Pastor McNulty’s passion for teaching God’s Word is evident to all!

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What/Who inspired you to take up teaching?

My athletic coaches. As a youngster, my athletic coaches had a great impact on my life. The many lessons they taught inspired me to one day consider doing likewise. I began at TCS as the middle school boys (B) team basketball coach. It was in that first year of coaching at TCS that my interest to pursue teaching in the classroom was birthed. The seed that my coaches sowed are still bearing fruit today. My hope is that I will do likewise in the lives of the students here at TCS.

Why did you choose to teach at TCS?

My passion for all things TCS is no secret. From the day Audrey and I arrived on campus to enroll our three children, it just seemed like a special place. My choice to teach was because I felt strongly that I could make an impact. I felt called to stir the gifts that are deep within each of our students. My passion for God’s word, in conjunction with my passion for Timothy Christian seemed like a natural fit.

How are faith and learning integrated at TCS?

Faith is incorporated in all that we do. No matter the subject, we approach it through the lens of our Christian faith. We seek to develop a continuity between our intellect and our faith. Here at TCS, we believe both are given to us by God. It’s our responsibility to be a good steward over that which he has bestowed upon us. I tell my students that we should approach our academic life with the aim being to glorify God through study, no matter the subject matter.

In what ways do you want to prepare students for a life beyond TCS?

I want them to understand that God has purposed them to make a difference in a sometimes dark world. To do this they must grow both in his grace and in knowledge. I want to prepare them by stressing the importance of integrity. The workplace and society in general, will often place them in vicarious positions. When faced with tough choices in their future careers, my hope is that the lessons we have sown into their lives, the importance of pleasing God and why character matters are all things they will be able to call to mind, in part, because of their days being equipped while here at TCS.

What would you tell families to encourage them to send their children at TCS?

I would tell them to prayerfully consider doing it. As parents, our greatest gift is our children. Making an investment to secure the success of their futures is worth the sacrifice of a private Christian school education. I don’t know anyone that invests with the hopes of losing what they’ve invested. Most invest, with a hope of a return on their investment. I’m confident, that the investment for our children’s Christ-centered education, will show significant returns. Not only in this life, but even beyond, in the life to come.