Our elementary computer classes play an important role in laying the foundation for the technology segment of our STEM initiative. Mrs. Hubler is passionate about teaching skills that will help students use the computer as a tool to help them in any area of study, as well as teaching skills that will help students learn more about computer science.

Last week TCS elementary computer classes participated in the international event known as Hour of Code. They learned about the difference between AI (artificial intelligence) and Machine Learning.  Students had an opportunity to program an online AI robot teaching it to recognize fish and other items which do belong in the ocean to be able to distinguish them from trash items which do NOT belong in the ocean.  Some of our youngest students had the opportunity to help their Fuzz from Kodables design a path to collect trash from the beach.

This is the seventh year TCS has participated in Hour of Code.  Some of our 8th and 9thgrade students who have participated since kindergarten were able to pass their excitement for coding down to the younger elementary students to help them achieve success and have fun in their coding experience.